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Baierbrunn - © Mr. Lodge GmbH
Baierbrunn - © Mr. Lodge GmbH

Furnished Apartments in Baierbrunn


Baierbrunn is located approx. 16 km south of Munich (city center)and has approx. 2,800 inhabitants.Its historic origincan be traced back to the Roman road Via Julia, which crossed the river Isar not far from Baierbrunn. Since then, there have been many smaller settlements in the area. However, Baierbrunn didn't become a cohesive settlement until after World War II. The church of St. Peter and Paul still marks the old village center, with several listed villas and farm houses near by. Generally, the quarter offers a very quiet environment and lovely apartments for rent. Despite the relative quietness, it is known as a local center for aviation companies, several of which have settled down here and shape the local economic structure. Due to the rural setting, the distance to nature and the nearest recreation area is never far. Still, the quarter is well-connected to the metropolitan area: The suburban train station of the S7 connects Baierbrunn to Munich's city center and the surrounding area.


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