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Dornach - © Mr. Lodge GmbH
Dornach - © Mr. Lodge GmbH

Furnished Apartments in Dornach


Dornach is part of the district of Aschheim (approx. 7,600 inhabitants) and has many nicely located properties for apartment rental. It is located adjacent to Munich-Riem, with which it shares a suburban train station (Riem/Dornach) and a motorway connection (A94 Munich-Riem - Neue Messe). However, Dornach is orientated more towards the new trade fair Munich and benefits strongly from the infrastructure (e.g. underground station Messe-West, shopping center Riem Arcaden), of which it is separated only by the A94 motorway and the railway line Munich - Mühldorf. This is a preferred location which is proven by the settlement of several hotels (2- to 4-star categories) that have been built in Dornach in the last few years. In the industrial area near the suburban train station of Dornach one can find global companies such as Hewlett Packard, AMD, and Escada, as well as the computing centers of the Bavarian savings banks and cooperative banks and also a discount food store.



Easy to find


Shops for convenience goods (such as grocery stores). Varied and more specific things can be found in the shopping centre "Riem Arcaden" and in Aschheim.


In Dornach one can find a diverse selection of restaurants of various nationalities, ranging from "good traditional fare" to "elevated". In Munich-Riem and Aschheim numerous other restaurants can be found.


2 sports clubs, golf park, water-ski park, indoor "beach", high-wire camp, including drive-in cinema and many more.