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Germering - © Mr. Lodge GmbH
Germering - © Mr. Lodge GmbH

Furnished Apartments in Germering


Germering is located approx. 21 km west of Munich (city center) and is part of the administrative district of Fürstenfeldbruck. The town has roughly 40,000 residents. The farmland in the north borders on Puchheim, while Kreuzlinger Forst with its vast woods marks the border in the south and east, and the administrative district of Starnberg in the west.

The cultural offerings are primarily centered around the town hall, which houses various different institutions, as well as the "Cordobar", where one or another well-known band has had their beginning and which still promotes many up-and-coming talents.

The town also offers an ideal environment for families with children: Germering has several primary- and secondary schools (Realschule and Gymnasium). Generally speaking, living space in Germering is highly sought-after, which can lead to rather high rents. Overall, Germering offers a quiet living environment with easy access to nature that is very suitable for rental apartments. The lake Germeringer See and the picturesque, wooded Parsberg in particular are ideal for recreation. Still, the town is very well-connected to Munich: The suburban train station Germering (S8) provides comfortable and easy access to Munich's city center. Furthermore, the motorway A99, with its ring road connecting the A8 and A9, offers a quick connection to long-distance transport.


Numerous supermarkets and retail stores, as well as large specialty stores


Lots of restaurants, cafés, and other gastronomic businesses


Indoor pool, outdoor pool, movie theater, lake, ice skating, beach volleyball, golf, cultural events, local museum, theater