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Hallbergmoos - © Mr. Lodge GmbH
Hallbergmoos - © Mr. Lodge GmbH

Furnished Apartments in Hallbergmoos


Hallbergmoos is located approx. 31 km north of Munich (city center), near Munich Airport. The municipality in the district of Freising has over 10,000 residents and is situated between the rivers Isar and Goldach. Today several historic buildings, like the castles of Birkeneck and Erching, still attest to the district's historic origins as a property of the Prince-Bishopric of Freising. Here you can find apartments for rent in a very nice living environment close to nature.
Due to the convenient setting, numerous companies have settled down here, making Hallbergmoos an attractive location for employers with jobs now outnumbering residents. There are also several educational institutions in town, such as a primary and secondary school, making it an attractive location for families. The train station of suburban train line S8, where trains run every 20 minutes, provides easy access to both central Munich and Munich Airport, which can be reached in just a few minutes. The motorway A92 also connects you to destinations within the national and international long-distance transport network.


Several shops for your daily needs


A wide variety of restaurants, as well as cafés and bars


Sports and leisure park, youth center, tennis center