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Starnberg - © Mr. Lodge GmbH
Starnberg - © Mr. Lodge GmbH

Furnished Apartments in Starnberg


Starnberg is located approx. 27 km southwest of Munich (city center).

The history of the town of Starnberg, on the northern shore of the correspondent lake, began in the 13th century and was mainly centered around Starnberg Castle, which was converted into a summer residence by the Wittelsbach family in 1450. Lake Starnberg also achieved tragic fame as the site of the mysterious death of Ludwig II of Bavaria: A beautiful votive chapel on the lakeshore now serves as a reminder of the popular King. Today, the town counts approx. 22,000 inhabitants. The extensive range of leisure activities and the beautiful scenery, make Starnberg a popular destination, not just for Munich residents. Along the lakeshore, one can find villas and detached houses, some of which have their own landing stages. The residential buildings in the other parts of town are very diverse. Each property offers beautiful apartments or houses for rent. In terms of leisure facilities Starnberg offers a wide range of options, due to its excellent location: The small town has more than 50 different sports clubs. The two expansive golf courses located in the community attract visitors from around the larger region. Munich's city center and more distant outskirts can be easily reached via suburban train S6 (stations Starnberg and Starnberg Nord). Starnberg is therefore seen as a more quiet and green alternative to the hectic city life.


Shops for convenience goods and many smaller stores


Many cafés and restaurants, some located on the lakefront


Swimming, water sports, boating, fishing, diving, golf, hiking, landmarks: castle, St. Joseph church, local heritage museum