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Tutzing - © Mr. Lodge GmbH
Tutzing - © Mr. Lodge GmbH

Furnished Apartments in Tutzing


Tutzing is located approx. 41 km southwest of Munich (city center). The community of Tutzing, located on the western shore of Lake Starnberg, counts approximately 9,900 inhabitants. Its history goes back all the way to the Stone and Bronze Age. The town owes its name to the House of Tozzi, which was based there from the 6th century AD until approx. 1480. Beautiful churches, the Protestant Academy in Tutzing Castle and the Vetterl House are a testament to Tutzing's rich cultural heritage. The small town is a popular and attractive place of residence, or secondary residence, with an elegant flair. There are higher density areas around the center of the town, and lower density areas on the outskirts, predominantly consisting of detached houses and villas. The S-Bahn line S6 will bring you to Munich´s city center and other destinations within a short period of time.


Shops for convenience goods and several smaller stores


Many different cafés, bars, and restaurants


Recreational activities at Lake Starnberg, Brahmspromenade, Kustermann park, sports grounds, fitness trail, indoor pool, Buchenhain museum, and many cultural events