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Unterschleißheim - © Mr. Lodge GmbH
Unterschleißheim - © Mr. Lodge GmbH

Furnished Apartments in Unterschleißheim


Unterschleißheim is located approx. 30 km north of Munich (city center) and looks back at one of the oldest development history in this area. Already in 1250 BC. a settlement in this area was documented. Since the 18th century, this place changed in the course of the region's development and eventually received its status of a municipality in the 19th century.

Unterschleißheim, with its approx. 25,000 inhabitants, was declared a town in 2000. The buildings are mostly detatched or terraced houses but also some furnished apartments for rent. Lake Unterschleißheimer See is located in the near of the town and is a very popular recreation area, especially in summer. In comparison, the area of Lohhof is almost exclusively industrial. Correspondingly, the promotion of the town´s economy is one of the town hall´s main objectives for a long time. Several measurements have been initiated such as the supply of commercial premises, events from economic foras and advertising for the location, in order to make Unterschleißheim more attractive for companies. Thus, this town is one of the fastest developing small town in this region.

Overall, Unterschleißheim is a very quiet residential area in one of the largest towns in the administrative districts of Munich. Despite its distance, Unterschleißheim is perfectly connected to Munich via suburban train line S1 which provides access to the city center or the airport in a short period of time.


Many small shops, wholesale markets in Lohhof


Several restaurants and cafés


Tennis courts, sports stadium, various event venues, Eisstockbahn (Curling rink)