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Organisation of cleaning services

At the time of handover to the tenant the apartment has to be in good and clean condition.

We are happy to assist you in the hiring process of a cleaning company, if we acted as the broker for your apartment.

The costs are calculated by degree of soiling and the work required. The rate is between 25,-€ and 28,-€ per hour/cleaning staff including the cleaning material, adding the travel expenses.

Please let us know in due time if you wish to make an appointment. Deep cleaning beforehand drastically reduces the cost of commercial cleaning. For more information, please refer to our check list.

You will receive the invoice directly form the cleaning company.

If the apartment is in normal condition (low degree of soiling) and has been cleaned regularly during the rental period you may look at the following terms of time needed:

CategoryNumber of hoursRate incl. VAT
1-room apartment: 5-8 hours150€ - 270€
2-room apartment: 6-10 hours180€ - 340€
3-room apartment ca. 80 m²:7-12 hours270€ - 470€
4-room apartment ca. 100 m²:8-14 hours300€ - 670€
Houses ca. 150 m²:16-28 hours480€ - 940€

If there is a higher degree of soiling the hours may differ greatly!

Mr. Lodge organizes cleaning services with no additional costs. Mr. Lodge does not receive commissions nor compensations from the hired cleaning services.

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