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What requirements does an apartment or a house have to meet?

  • Minimum rental period 6 months
    Please note that the offered apartments and houses have a minimum rental period of six months.
    The city of Munich regards a rental period of three to five months as wrongful use of living space, therefore all apartments and houses can only be rented for a period of six months or longer.

  • Fully furnished apartments and houses only
    Most of our clients only stay in Munich for a limited period and arrive with just their suitcases. In addition to up to date furniture, they usually expect a fully equipped kitchen with dishes, cutlery, pots, pans, kettle, microwave, dishwasher (for 2-rooms or more) etc., as well as bed linen, towels, and a vacuum cleaner. If possible, a washing machine or washer-dryer should be available in the apartment. Electric appliances like TV - preferably with cable or satellite, DVD-player, stereo equipment, and high-speed internet are also important. You are welcome to request a list of inventory from our interior design service.
  • Is it a good idea to provide internet access as a landlord?
    We recommend providing an internet connection/WiFi. This makes your apartment more attractive and is a deciding criterion for many potential tenants. Apartments without internet access are not an option for many of our clients. 
    Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut solution to liability issues. So far, we have heard of complications in only a relatively small number of cases from the vast number of landlords that provide internet, and in most of those cases the tenants have assumed liability. Our pre-drafted rental contracts contain a liability clause.
  • What service provider does Mr. Lodge recommend?
    We recommend a high-speed internet connection through M-Net. The costs range from 24,90EUR/month to 49,90EUR/month depending on the bit rate, plus a one-time installation fee of 49,90EUR (minimum contract of 24 months) or 99,90EUR (no minimum contract). M-Net is the only provider to have contracts without the installation of a landline, since this is rarely requested by the tenants (as of 2018). If cable-TV is available already, or provide internet access, which can be easily booked.
    Mr. Lodge's technical service can assist you in setting up an internet connection.
  • Is a landline important?
    Landlines are seldom requested. However, it is certainly convenient for tenants to have one in the apartment.

What are the fees for the presentation through Mr. Lodge?

Here an overview of the commission fees;

Term of leasepercentage of the monthly
rent plus 19% VAT

Total amount
Up to six months97,48 % + VAT = 

116% of one months rent
Up to seven months111,77 % + VAT =

133% of one months rent
Up to eight months126,06 % + VAT =

150% of one months rent
Up to nine months140,34 % + VAT =

167% of one months rent
Up to ten months and longer154,63 % + VAT =

184% of one months rent

  • Does Mr. Lodge also execute apartment handovers and returns?
    Mr. Lodge will perform the handover and the return of your property, if requested. An extensive record of defects and cleaning protocol (text and photos) will be created. Currently, the appointments cost 40€ + VAT for 1- and 1.5-room apartments and 80€ + VAT for apartments with 2 or more rooms.
  • Does Mr. Lodge oversee the tenancy during the rental period?
    Mr. Lodge is available as a contact person for landlords and tenants throughout the tenancy and can help with language barriers or act as a neutral intermediary.
  • Does Mr. Lodge take care of cleanings?
    Mr. Lodge organizes final cleanings by request. For this, Mr. Lodge works with more than 10 cleaning companies.
  • Mr. Lodge's technical service – small and large repairs
    Whether it is for small repairs, continuous maintenance, or major damage - Our technical service department coordinates and provides top-notch assistance.
Questions about the photo- and video service

  • Can I send in my own photos/videos?
    High-quality photos and videos are crucial for an ideal online presentation and the placement of your apartment or house. As is a homogeneous presentation of all offered apartments and houses. Hence, photos and videos of rental objects are taken by Mr. Lodge's specialists, using professional, state-of-the-art photo- and video equipment. It is not possible to use photos/videos sent in by clients. 
  • How much does the photo- and video service cost?
    The photos and video recordings are free of charge for our clients. Further information can be found here.
  • What is important for the photo shoot?
    Many properties are still occupied at the time of the photo shoot. We want to present your apartment or house as neutral as possible. Therefore, everything should be arranged to look adequately inviting for the shoot. A bouquet of flowers is a friendly gesture. Beds should be made and personal items should be stored out of view, if possible. 
Who can rent out property through Mr. Lodge?

  • Owners
  • Tenants who have permission to sublet.
    To all applies: You have a fully furnished and equipped apartment or house in the greater Munich area, which meets a certain standard and is available for rent for at least six months.
Who needs furnished properties for short and long term rent?

Most of our clients are in Munich for a few months or years for professional reasons and have a temporary need for accommodation. Many are highly qualified specialists, working on specific projects for well-known companies. These international clients are looking for good to very good quality properties (1- to 4-room apartments and houses). Here you can view an excerpt of the list of renowned companies we have worked with for years: References.

Does Mr. Lodge screen potential tenants?

We are one of the few real estate agencies that are members of the General Credit Protection Agency (Schutzgemeinschaft für allgemeine Kreditsicherung e.V. - SCHUFA). Since 2011, we obligatorily use the services of the SCHUFA where possible or necessary, while concluding a contract. In addition, we are a member of CREDITREFORM, the largest German office for commercial disclosure. We want to provide you with the highest possible standard of security and strive to do business with reliable and solvent tenants only. However, we cannot give a guarantee. Mr. Lodge cannot be held liable for potential loss of rent, or damages.

Is letting property interesting for investors?

  • High rate of return
    Furnished rentals usually produce a higher rate of return. The initial necessary investments in furniture and equipment are balanced out by the higher rents in the long term. However, as a landlord you are more subject to market forces, with fluctuations of rental prices, depending on the state of the economy (see also determination of a rental price).
  • Your property stays available
    Usually, the tenant is only in Munich for the duration of a project, so the rental period is limited (on average 6 to 12 months). The landlord has the advantage that the property is still available for his own personal use, or for selling. Compared to the normal market, the segment of furnished letting demands a higher flexibility of landlords and Mr. Lodge: It is a constant challenge to tend to the changing wishes and expectations of the tenants.
  • Investment advice
    If you are about to make an investment decision, please call us (contact: Norbert Verbücheln and Dietmar Schlüter, Tel. +49 89 340 823-44). We know the needs of temporary tenants looking for furnished accommodation. We have brokered and cared for several thousand rentals over the last few years and can therefore often give concrete advice about properties up for sale. 
Who takes care of my property when I am not in Munich?

We see ourselves as a contact person for both the landlord and the tenant throughout the tenancy.
If you are not personally in Munich (whether permanently or temporarily), we will take care of any questions or concerns of your tenant, in consultation with you. 
However, if the property requires complicated or excessive amounts of work, as well as the support of our technical-, or interior design service,  we will have to charge you for our services. This is especially the case for properties with an above-average susceptibility to defects, due to the age of the furnishings (electric appliances, furniture), or old plumbing.

What could happen (examples):

  • the TV/dishwasher/stereo is broken
    remedy: repair or exchange for a new model after consultation
  • small appliances or equipment (i.e. coffee machine) are broken:
    remedy: usually the purchase of a replacement
  • water damage/burst pipes:
    remedy: plumber (if necessary a 24h service), contact the insurance company if necessary

For smaller repairs/replacements, or in case of emergencies (e.g. burst pipes), we usually decide on the spot what's necessary and bill you for the actual costs, or the repairman's invoice will be sent to you directly for payment. 
For larger repairs, we consult with you beforehand how the matter is to be handled. Therefore, it is important that we can reach you easily.
If you go on vacation, please let us know how we can reach you, or who will represent you during that time.
We always try our best to work to the landlord's and the tenant's satisfaction. However, please understand that sometimes we cannot fulfill everyone's expectations, due to lack of time or, especially if the requests are very extensive, for lack of personnel.

How is the deposit paid?

  • Cash payment into the landlords bank account
    Because of the short rental periods for furnished accommodation (mostly 6-12 months), the deposit is usually paid directly into the landlord's bank account and is returned to the tenant's bank account upon the return of the apartment, within 2 weeks of the end of the contract.
    In practice, this simplified procedure has proved to be best, as the tenant can often move into the apartment 1 or 2 days after the initial viewing, and the deposit can be returned without delay at the end of the tenancy, which is important to the tenant. The landlord is obligated to deposit the tenant's money free of the risks of insolvency.
  • Savings book
    This is the most popular way of providing a deposit for an unfurnished flat. It is not very practical however, due to the relatively short rental periods that are normal for a furnished apartment. Usually an additional small sum must be paid by the tenant, at the end of the tenancy, i.e. for cleaning costs. However, it is very time consuming for the landlord to take the sum directly from the savings book. In this case, he can send the tenant a bill and only return the savings book when the bill has been paid. However, the tenant often no longer lives in Munich, or even Germany, once he has moved out of the apartment.
  • Bank guarantee
    If the tenant is a company, this is usually the preferred type of deposit. For some companies it is even a requirement for the conclusion of a rental agreement. The bank guarantee has to be issued properly and must not expire immediately upon the end of the lease. It can get complicated if the tenant extends the lease several times. In this case, you have to make sure that the bank guarantee has no time limit.
Who is liable for damages?

Mr. Lodge is only an agent and cannot be held liable for upholding the contract.

  • Liability/Deposit
    The tenant is liable for any damage caused by him- or herself to the apartment or house and its furniture and equipment. The deposit (usually double the monthly rent) serves as a security measure for the landlord's claims. If you think it likely that you will have a difference of opinion with the tenant when you move out, please make sure an employee of Mr. Lodge comes to the return appointment. We will take a neutral position.
  • Household contents insurance
    As a landlord, you can take out a commercial household contents insurance for your apartment through ALLIANZ. We recommend consulting your insurance agent. Please note that insurance companies will have many contractual exclusions of liability, which means that they will not pay compensation in many cases (see below).
  • Liability insurance of the tenant
    We recommend a liability insurance for the tenant. The extent of liability will be limited in this case as well. 
  • Possible causes of risk
    Please inform the tenant of possible sources of danger, at the time of the handover:
    water damage caused by the washing machine, or the growth of mold due to the wrong ventilation/heating routine.
Who pays the fees for German TV licensing (GEZ)?

The tenant himself has to register and pay fees for radio and TV broadcast devices at the TV licensing office (

Who decides which tenant is allowed to move in?

The landlord does. If a client is definitely interested in your property, we will contact you and give you the most important details in advance, e.g. the client's background, desired rental period, if he is moving in by him/herself, etc. Of course, you as the landlord decide who you want to finalize a contract with. Mr. Lodge can assist you in this matter.

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