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10 tips on how to prevent the formation of mould in the apartment

In Munich, it is easily possible to keep the inside of your home warm due to well-insulated walls and modern heating technology.

Those perfectly closing windows and well-insulated windows provide a good seal. However, air exchange cannot occur which enables air-humidity to collect in the apartment by showering, cooking, washing, breathing and more.

In order to prevent the formation of mould, air exchange has to be induced actively and other important aspects have to be considered:

1. Brief instead of continuous airing with tilted windows

Open the windows completely for 5-10 minutes and turn down the heating in the meantime. Afterwards, you can turn it up again. Please do not just tilt the windows. Otherwise, air exchange is not possible and humidity is kept inside the apartment.

2. Regular airing: Open all windows at least 2 times a day

Humidity forms in every apartment - approx. 12 litres/day in a 4-person househould due to showering, cooking, drying laundry and breathing

3. Make sure that airing is made efficiently

When you open all of the apartment´s windows at the same time, you will cause a draught which makes airing particularly efficient.

4. Kitchen and bathroom: Air immediately when humidity forms

The best way is to air effectively after showering and cooking.                                    
Wipe up wet windows as well as the bathtub or the shower after being used.     
Do not open the dishwasher after the program stops. Instead, keep it closed for further approx. 30 minutes.

5. Avoid condensed water

Try not to dry laundry in the apartment as far as possible. Do not use any humidifier.

6. Correct heating: Please check the room temperature regularly

The room temperature should be between 18 and 22 degrees, as warm air is able to store more condensed water than cold air.

7. Do not cover the radiatiors with furnishings or curtains.

Please keep a minimum distance of 5cm between the outer wall and the piece of furniture.

8. Please note the first signs of too high humidity levels

Humidity infests the coldest areas of the apartment such as the windows. Thus, misty windows area an important sign for insufficient airing or too strong heating. 

9. Air humidity should be between 35 and 55%

You can check whether the room temperature is accurate or not by means of a thermometer. Air humidity can be measured by a hygrometer. (On request, Mr. Lodge is happy to send you a hygrometer free of charge.)

10. Early detection and removal of mould

If you detect mould in your apartment, please contact our technical service in order to remove it as fast and efficient as possible.

If you follow these 10 tips, you will have the pleasure of enjoying a carefee winter in a cosy, warm home.

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Please do also contact your landlord in case of mould infestation, so that he can take care of its removal. Permanently, mould spores can be harmful to the health.