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Moving comfortably as a project employee with Mr. Lodge

Moving to a different city for a new project - this is part of the job for many employees these days. If you are also in this situation and still want to feel at home, despite your move, Mr. Lodge offers the ideal service. Especially since the length of projects often varies and can be difficult to estimate, renting a long-term apartment is usually not worth the time and money. In many cases, a furnished temporary apartment is the perfect solution, so you don't have to rely on an expensive and sterile hotel room and can enjoy a comfortable home during this relatively short part of your career. We at Mr. Lodge offer a wide range of such apartments in Munich. With our professional guidance you'll be able to find a home that matches your individual needs.

For any man arriving in Munchen in behalf of the job, one of the main difficulties is to find a suitable apartment. The rent market is a little bit crazy here: demand exceeds supply. That gives rise to nervous, scam and other adverse effects. Mr. Lodge can prevail all obstacles and find a beautiful flat for you. As for me, they organized my deal withing only two days! At night I wrote them about my desire to rent a particular apartment in the north of Munchen and the morning they called me and invited to see it and to get acquainted with a Landlord. Next day we have already signed a contract. Fast, exactness, kindly - I will recommend Mr. Lodge to all my friends. I wish them a lot of new success stories and happy clients. (November 2017 Google-Review)

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