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Positive ratings from satisfied tenants are the best recommendation

„The staff of Mr. Lodge is amazingly professional and supportive. The quality of the services is extremely high: they managed to take care of my needs and fulfill all my requests very efficiently. I highly recommend Mr. Lodge.“
(2020-10-11 at 22:08- eKomi)

„I got a flat via Mr. Lodge, they were very professional during the handover, they responded promptly to all my emails and enquiries. Very good experience.“
(2020-10-08 at 07:58 - eKomi)

„As a foreign student who cannot speak german, Mr. Lodge was one of the few ways I could find a place to stay in Munich. However, even without this, I would have chosen to use Mr. Lodge. It has been so helpful and supportive, and a wide range of choices all around Munich gave me a pleasant surprise through the journey for searching for a house. I highly recommend this amazing real estate platform for people who will move to Munich later.“
(2020-09-20 at 18:22 - eKomi)

„Mr. Lodge is the expats' best friend. The folks at Mr. Lodge were so prompt in their responses and always there to help in case of any queries or requirements. Everything went super fast and perfectly.“
(2020-09-19 at 12:42 - eKomi)

„I have a really nice experience. All the staff was very kind and helpful. I had to find an appartment in a short time and they give me all the facilities to do that, and always putting ahead my preferences.“
(2020-09-11 at 10:03 - eKomi)

„The staff was incredibly helpful and responds quickly into my inquiries. Made my entire process much more simple then I can imagine.“
(2020-09-05 at 16:37 - eKomi)

„I had a very good experience with Mr Lodge. The advisors who assisted me where always available and helped me in finding a flat in just four days. They also booked some appointments during the weekend to meet my availabilities. The information were clear and accurate and the customer experience satisfactory.“
(2020-09-01 at 19:53 - eKomi)

„The team at Mr. Lodge is fast and efficient. I'm pretty satisfied with the service.“
(2020-08-25 at 05:48 - eKomi)

„Everything is as expected, great service that gives you an opportunity to live in a nice cosy apartment. The customer advisor helped us and provided all information so quickly, he was always in contact and made this rent process so comfortable for us. Thank you, Mr. Lodge!“
(2020-08-12 at 19:56 - eKomi)

„The processes from making appointment of reviewing the apartment to signing the rental contract are efficient. The service is very professional. Thank you!“
(2020-08-03 at 18:14 - eKomi)

„This is sent for folks who are moving from another country. The locations and the condition of the apartments are great. The staff from Mr. Lodge are so good that you don't need to exert any stress on yourself. Thank you!!“
(2020-08-02 at 20:57 - eKomi)
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    „I'd like to thank Mr. Lodge, for all the services and support that have been given to me. Mr. Lodge was extremely kind and provided me all information I needed to find a nice apartment in Munich for my wife and me. I would definitely recommend Mr. Lodge for friends and colleagues.“
    (2020-07-29 at 19:46)

    „I appreciate the service from Mr. Lodge. Emails and inquiries are always answered well as well as quite quickly. I was helped by a customer advisor to find an apartment and she was not only friends, but also very patient with me.“
    (2020-07-27 at 10:37)

    „The customer advisor was very kind and available to help me with all my requirements and questions. She helped me a lot to rent the apartment in a short time.“
    (2020-07-17 at 19:52)

    „Mr. Lodge was extremely responsive and helpful in organizing the apartment viewing and required paperwork within good time. Highly knowledgeable and professional throughout the process. Thank you very much for your assistance!“
    (2020-07-15 at 13:59)

    „The service was really good - quick responses, resolving of all requests in short time and taking care about all important things. I am really satisfied with the services from Mr. Lodge.“
    (2020-07-13 at 13:24)

    „Great service, professional and efficienct support in finding a flat in the competitive Munich rental market - highly recommended.“
    (2020-06-25 at 20:36)

    „Excellent service. All calls and emails were answered very quickly and the agency does everything. Employees are very courteous and helpful. The photos on the website are exactly how the apartment is in actuality. The videos are also very helpful. We found a beautiful apartment within 1 week. I highly recommend Mr. Lodge.“
    (2020-06-25 at 17:52)

    „Employees Mr. Lodge well done! They quickly respond to letters and prepare all the necessary documents. Even tags with your last name on the mailbox.“
    (2020-06-08 at 07:17)

    „Very fast, nice, professional and reliable client service at all times, before and after moving in. All questions that arose and requests were taken care of in a friendly and effective manner. Large and nice selection of apartments in Munich.“
    (2020-06-07 at 10:32)

    „A pain free and streamlined experience from finding the apartment to getting the keys.“
    (2020-06-05 at 12:29)

    „Mr. Lodge helped me throughout. Entire process was very convenient. Addressed all my queries in time. Very satisfied with the service.“
    (2020-06-07 at 14:57)

    „Very user friendly website and easy to navigate - both photos and videos are clear and in my case a very true representation of the flat.
    All staff members I came into contact with were able to provide meaningful assistance in a timely manner.“
    (2020-06-04 at 19:09)

    „I stayed for 8 months in this apartment and it was perfect. Everything I needed was there. Quiet area, shops in proximity, easy reach to city center, nice landlord. Highly recommend.“
    (2020-06-01 at 18:04)

    „Very professional, process oriented as well as responsive. It was a pleasure to have this association with Mr Lodge.

    The employee has been extremely helpful in orienting and helping us and we would also like to thank her friendly and very professional approach in seeing this through.

    Thank you.“
    (2020-05-28 at 12:10)

    „Amazing customer service. Brilliant for people coming from around the world. Hassle free and always there for you to help.“
    (2020-05-28 at 11:53)

    „I was very happy to get great support during all steps. The process was very fast and understandable. I met the professional and very friendly person during the viewing and the handover. And it was super helpful to get an English version of the contract too.“
    (2020-05-16 at 12:42)

    „Quick reply, even if they didn't get an answer from the landlord they call to tell you are not forgotten.
    Speak really good English, easy to communicate.“
    (2020-05-15 at 16:32)

    „Mr. Lodge is a great place to search house or apartment. I found it very easy and convenient.“
    (2020-05-08 at 09:10)

    „Very smooth and effortless transition. Always quick reply for all of my query.“
    (2020-05-06 at 07:21 - eKomi)

    „I really enjoyed the whole process of renting my flat throught Mr. Lodge. It was really helpful to have the best service during such a crazy time.“
    (2020-04-19 at 20:09 - eKomi)

    „Very smooth move in, everything was better than what I was expecting and I'm having a great time in my new home, thank you.“
    (2020-04-15 at 11:53 - eKomi)

    „Very friendly and efficient. I saw an apartment posting on a Wednesday and already the coming Friday I had signed the lease.“
    (2020-03-05 at 09:09 - eKomi)

    „Contact person from Mr.Lodge is always kind and helpful. Communication with me was so good and very smooth with quick responces. I am very happy about the service that I received from Mr.Lodge.
    I found the apartment exactly as it is posted in the Mr.Lodge web site and all the information written in the post is matching.“
    (2020-03-11 at 21:32 - eKomi)

    „Really great customer service. The agents reply within two hours, the handover of the apartment was very clear and easy. I found an apartment relatively quickly and I'm very satisfied with the quality of it. It is exactly as in the ad. Mr. Lodge is perfect for finding a place when you're still abroad. It saved me a lot of stress and I definitely recommend their services!“
    (2020-03-06 at 09:23 - ekomi)

    „Mr Lodge and team are very quick and swift. Its such a breather for people from other countries to have found Mr Lodge . It makes the search easier. The team has been extremley quick in helping me finalize the house“
    (2020-03-04 at 20:22 - eKomi)

    „Mr. Lodge is the ideal partner for foreigners who are new in Germany and want to find a furnished apartment in Munich fast. They offer full service in English. Helped me find the ideal apartment in a few days.“

    „Mr. Lodge was extremely helpful for finding a fully furnished apartment with all of the comforts of home. Working with Mr. Lodge was easy and efficient. They were most helpful in guiding us through the entire process and most importantly the apartment was as expected.“
    (2020-02-02 Google)

    „We were really satisfied with the communication and how smooth was the transaction concluded. We strongly suggest MrLodge if you are new in town, but also if you trying to find a furnished apartment with good quality and less time spend.“
    (2020-01-29 Google)

    „I highly recommend Mr.Lodge office for people seeking an apartment especially for foreigners who don’t speak German. Staff are so professional and helpful in terms of assisting you until you find a proper apartment. Above all, dealing with trusty landlord and responding quickly to any request are highly appreciated.“
    (2020-01-23 Google)

    „Very professional team and addresses an expat or foreign resident with a friendly and patient response. My personal experience has been amazing, where contrary to the general belief from past experience from my colleagues and friends, I had a smooth transactions in finding an apartment of my choice and needs; elegancy and price. If permitted I could have called out the name of the person who interacted with me during the entire episode, but because of privacy I can't. However, I presume the entire Mr. Lodge's team are professional, friendly and helpful.“
    (2019-12-05 at 12:03)

    „Mr. Lodge Staff is very professional and helpful with their services. They were fast with their replies and managed to address all my questions. An apartment looked exactly the same way it was described and it was as very smooth transaction. Mr. Lodge showed high level of service & professionalisms. Highly recommend to anyone looking for fully furnished apartments or who is new in town“
    (2019-11-17 at 21:03)

    „The staff at Mr Lodge has been extremely efficient and friendly. The process of finding a suitable rental and of taking care of the application has been dealt with very smoothly. An agent was waiting for me in the apartment on the day of my arrival and thoroughly went through the handover with me. They gave me a detailed report on the current status of furniture, floors, fittings, and walls for future reference. The agency promptly sent a technician to check on the heating after I reported it was not working (some valves just needed to be opened). I am extremely satisfied and would highly recommend!“
    (2019-11-08 at 13:05)

    „Very fast and clear process of renting an amazing apartment. Very good experience.“
    (2019-10-20 at 20:02)

    „Actually I like my new place and I’m enjoying it greatly. Definitely, I will rate Mr.Lodge highly.
    Thank you very much for helping, Mr. Lodge gave me good choices based on the parameters I gave. This apartment was actually a recommendation, last minute it came and I took it even without any viewing. I just based it on the photos on the website and the assurance from Mr. Lodge. It was a good decision!“
    (2019-08-06 at 16:47)

    „I really appreciate how simple and quick the process was, most was done online and there were no extraneous requirements. I would definitely recommend for anyone who is in a hurry to get an apartment in Munich and can afford it.“
    (2019-08-05 at 07:02)

    „The service is very professional and competent. The team helped me find an apartment in more or less one week, they have showed me some options and I relied on them to guide all the process. Definitely would use Mr Lodge services again.“
    (2019-06-13 at 08:39)

    „Excellent customer service! This company did a fantastic job helping us find the perfect spot when relocating to Germany.“
    (2019-06-07 at 19:53)

    „Everything was great. Everybody in the company is ready to help. With the help of Mr. Lodge I managed to find a flat for less than 1.5 weeks, which is really good for Munich.“
    (2019-06-06 at 20:33)

    „I am fully satisfied will Mr. Lodge services, will definitely recommend it to my friends. Big thanks to Mr. Lodge, it helped us a lot.“
    (2019-05-09 at 20:03)

    „We had a very pleasant experience with Mr.Lodge from the beginning. All queries were promptly responded and had a very professional interaction throughout. We would recommend Mr.Lodge for people who are searching for houses currently in Munich.“
    (2019-04-14 at 12:30)

    „Leasing a furnished apartment in Munich with the help of Mr. Lodge was the easiest thing I could have imagined. I had heard about the nightmare struggles to vie for open apartments in Munich. It was very easy to find many apartments that met my specifications. The representatives were great to work with.“
    (2019-03-26 at 08:44)

    „Mr. Lodge is an easy way to find your apartment in Munich. The process is very efficient and the staff are very friendly and so helpful. The move to Munich was made extremely easy with Mr. Lodge.“
    (2019-03-17 at 13:55)

    „I have no words to describe how happy we were with the service provided by Mr. Lodge. The team went above and beyond to help us find the perfect apartment. The service is simply outstanding. We would never hesitate to recommend Mr. Lodge to any expats looking for short term accommodation in Munich. Thank you.“
    (2019-03-10 at 20:40)

    „Probably the best real estate company in Munich, with fantastic furnished houses and prompt and dedicated customer service! It was recommended to me by a friend of mine and will deffinitely recommend to everyone relocating in Munich.“
    (2019-02-05 at 00:02)

    „This is the second time I rent an apartment in Munich through Mr. Lodge. They are a very reliable company and I would recommend it to anyone relocating to this city.“
    (2019-02-04 at 21:17)

    „Great service. Really helpful for someone like me who is new to Germany and does not understand German. Response time for the queries raised by me was immediate. A big thumbs up to Mr Lodge from my side.
    Thank you and keep up the good service.“
    (2019-01-19 at 14:38)

    „Mr. Lodge is the most reliable agency to get an apartment in Munich. They are flexible and professional. Also they are one of the only agencies where you can find a fully furnished apartment!“
    (2019-01-08 at 12:56)

    „Hello, During my move duration, your team helped me so much to process my new apartment's contract and as well as all other paper works in a quick way. They answered me always quickly when I have a question which is exceptional in Germany :) Thanks for all your help.“
    (2018-12-05 at 20:58)

    „I was impressed by the thoroughness of the person who did a handover, that's a true professional! I also had a great experience talking with a consultant, who was promptly replying, organizing viewing, answering questions and overall was super helpful. Great service, best in the field!“
    (2018-11-05 at 11:59)

    „It was definitely an easy process, we were able to ask in real time about the status of the rents, and we would receive an answer, which doesn't usually happen on other renting websites. We were in contact with nice people, that helped us get an apartment in time before moving to Munich. Thank you!“
    (2018-10-06 at 09:07)

    „Excellent service. My first time in Munich, website clear and easy, contact via email all perfect. Great service and would highly recommend to anyone looking for rented accommodation.“
    (2018-09-25 at 10:10)

    „Great service! All done by competent and educated employees, quickly and through the internet. I rented a great apartment in less than a week. I recommend it without restriction.“
    (2018-08-11 at 15:08)

    „Excellent service. Swift communication. It took us only one week from reviewing the available properties to signing the lease. I highly recommend using Mr.Lodge services.“
    (2018-07-19 at 20:33)

    „The services provided by Mr.Lodge is beyond my expectation. Mr. Lodge was very prompt in responding to my emails. It took, perhaps, about a week between first contact and the signing of the rental contract, which is far quicker than I expected. I am very satisfied with the service and will definitely recommend Mr. Lodge to my friends and family.“
    (2018-07-06 at 10:36)

    „Perfect. The room is as expected or rather better.
    All the communication was quick. It's really good for a foreign person who needs a temporary place to stay.“
    (2018-07-05 at 06:59)

    „Amazing service. In 4 days I found the apartment and sign the contract! Super recommended!“
    (2018-06-19 at 15:36)

    „Really satisfied with the customer orientation, fast email exchange and to-the-point support for someone like me moving to Germany from another country.“
    (2018-06-01 at 12:52)

    „Everything was great and smooth. Mr. Lodge prepared the contract, organized my meeting with the landlord and now I have my appartment.“
    (2018-05-21 at 11:55)

    „This is probably the best service if you are relocating to Munich and need temp. apartment. Staff is very professional and I would highly recommend this service to anyone.“
    (2018-04-22 at 16:05)

    „Customer Support was excellent, no wifi connected however the ladies resolved by providing temp hotspot and arranging router/Connection time
    A few other very minor issues but immediately resolved.
    A top class Service from first enquiry to key handover and settling“
    (2018-04-10 at 07:52)

    „Mr. Lodge was an incredible help for me in finding an apartment that suited my needs in Munich. Their staff always helped me with legal questions and their website was the one with the most detailed apartments.
    Their protocols help us as well to get everything clear and ready for the move in. Thanks“
    (2018-04-05 at 12:40)

    „All went perfect!
    Closed a deal for a great apartment in 2 days, what is amazing for Munich standards.
    Landlord apparently happy as me.“
    (2018-03-16 at 18:38)

    „This is the second time my husband and I used the services of Mr.Lodge in Munich. And this time I coordinated with them while I was abroad and didn't really have a lot of time on hand to reach Munich and then search for apartments.
    They are extremely prompt with responses and suggestions even during Holiday season, they proactively informed us about the days their office was closed and ensured someone would attend to our requests at the earliest.
    I love their portal, it is user-friendly and informative and helps quite a bit to filter your own searches and choose an apartment.
    So if you are moving to Munich for sometime and would like to get a furnished apartment that suits your pocket, do check in with Mr.Lodge.“
    (2018-02-07 at 13:06)

    „The level of communication was excellent from the beginning. As English people living in England with no knowledge of the German system everyone we dealt with was very helpful. The whole process of finding an apartment went smoothly and we couldn’t have asked for more.“
    (2018-01-25 at 20:16)

    „Mr Lodge provides an excellent service that I would recommend to anyone in search of an apartment.
    The apartment itself was exactly as depicted in the pictures shown on their website, with nothing unexpected.
    The team at Mr Lodge is always very prompt with their replies to emails etc.
    I have no plans to use any other service or search for an apartment on my own after using Mr Lodge.“
    (2018-01-05 at 17:38)

    „Mr. Lodge were very helpful when I was looking for an apartment. The apartment is very nice indeed, well furnished, with washing machine and dishwasher and well located. There was an issue when I moved in with a missing router, which meant that I had no Internet access. However, Mr Lodge contacted the Landlady, who finally agreed that they could fit a replacement, so I am happy. I would suggest that a member of the Mr. Lodge team was present at handover, when the contract between tennant and landlord is signed, which would prevent issues like mine in future. However once the issue was clear, the Mr. Lodge team handled it very efficiently!“
    (2017-12-06 at 15:42)

    „I was completely satisfied by Mr. Lodge GmbH: quick answers to all of my questions and valuable help in anything that has to do with the renting procedure. Since I am not speaking German, for every paper that I had to read or sign I was given a copy translated in English, which I found extremely helpful.“
    (2017-11-29 at 11:15)

    „Good service. Quick to reply to emails, attentive. A landlord of an apprtment pulled out at the last minute just before signing the final contract, which wasn’t really their fault, but that’s the only reason Mr Lodge doesn’t get full marks.“
    (2017-11-06 at 20:51)

    „Mr. Lodge did a fantastic job in helping my wife and I find the perfect apartment in Munich. The team there did a great job of identifying good options for us, showing us the apartments and giving us good advice about the various neighborhoods and other factors. Finally, the contract and handover process was easy.
    The team at Mr. Lodge is truly a team. While we had a primary contact, many other people in their office picked up to help whenever necessary in a way that made it seem as if the whole office was devoted to helping us.
    I would heartily recommend Mr. Lodge to anyone looking for a furnished apartment in Munich.“
    (2017-10-05 at 10:13)

    „Fantastic service. These guys really go the extra mile. I arrived in Munich to start a new job and within 48 hours I was shown a place that is totally perfect for work and leisure. Exceptional value for money. I would recommend this to anyone - no need to look further. The apartment has everything that you might need and more - I was told that I only needed to bring a suitcase and wash-bag and they were not kidding - I now feel like I have a home here.“
    (2017-10-05 at 10:07)

    „Mr. Lodge made it very easy to rent an apartment prior to my arrival in Munich. The offers placed on the website are very comprehensive and the photos and video are true to the actual state of the respective property. Perhaps it would be useful to include a section on each property page to indicate whether there is already an offer on the property or to illustrate how many others are considering it; this would have helped me manage my expectations when placing offers during my search, particularly as it was during a season of high demand. Overall however, the process was quick and efficient and I would recommend Mr. Lodge to anyone - particularly expats - on the search for real estate agents.“
    (2017-09-20 at 00:08)

    „They were absolutely wonderful. Efficient, serious and right on. In this world of uncertainty when it comes to real estate , it is a breath of fresh air to find such a great company to trust when coming to a new city. Highly recommendable!“
    (2017-07-18 at 18:58)

    „Rented an apartment while still in Nigeria and everything was perfect on getting here, this shows the level of reliability in mr.Lodge's processes.“
    (2017-05-25 at 21:06)

    „Mr. Lodge made the search process for an apartment a lot easier. Although the rent prices are a bit higher than the average, but it is normally worth it. High quality furnished apartments, in combination with a team of great assistants available for the clients, removes most of the burden from the client.
    I personally like the quality of the offers and the fact that I didn't have to worry about those fake ones that you would normally find in other websites. The ability to communicate in English is definitely a plus point.“
    (2017-02-07 at 14:27)

    „Mr. Lodge offers quick and reliable Service. They introduce very trustworthy photos in the Internet which you can rely on nearly 100%. We are very much sertisfied with their flexible Service as well. We can recommend this Company those who Needs quick residence in Munich.“
    (2016-10-25 at 13:56)

    „MrLodge is the excellent real estate service ever! Those are help me to find a really good apartment and support me in every steps I had. They are so much professional and more than that friendly people. Their responses are always in a second so that you do not have to wait much!
    And it's not only about the renting flat, after you move in, they are always there when you need it!
    Thanks to Mr. Lodge.“
    (2016-08-17 at 10:37)

    „Everything was quite easy along the process and all assistance was provided. Some details, though, should be made more clear and more visible (when the payment can/should be made or, regarding the use of Mr. Lodge's website, what's the difference between "Arrange viewing" and "Book now"). We "missed" an apartment because we arranged a viewing instead of booking it immediately.“
    (2016-07-24 at 00:01)

    „Thank you. It was highest level of quality and support. From Begining was a great personal suport with contacts, contracts, guidencese etc. In our experience i gave to say: one of leader in München, especially when you firegner, and have limited time to find high quality apoartment in München.
    All the best!“
    (2016-04-03 at 13:24)

    „I deal with Mr. Lodge since 2013 .I did not remark any disadvantages:
    - The Staff is very cooperative.
    - Fast to answer the required.
    - They provided me exactly what i need and likeز
    Just in my opinion i think that Mr. Lodge need to make more publicity“
    (2016-01-12 at 14:14)

    „Mr Lodge help me to find in a very quick time a place to live in Munich.
    The major thing for me is that the site is in different language. It's help a lot when you don't speak German at all and very few time to find a place.
    Thank you for your help.“
    (2015-09-27 at 14:24)

    „The Mr. Lodge website is very user friendly. The quality of the pictures and information on the apartment page gives you a very realistic idea of the status and facilities of the apartment.
    The level of the customer service from the Mr. Lodge team is very professional, immediate and understanding of the customers' needs.
    This is a trustworthy platform to find furnished temporary housing solutions.“
    (2015-09-16 at 16:51)

    „MrLodge assigned me a representative who kept in contact with me for several months. She was helpful and responded to my inquiries promptly. After we identified an appropriate apartment, she and her associates handled all the arrangements without issue. Many of my associates recommended MrLodge, and I agree: if you are in the market for a furnished apartment, MrLodge is an excellent service provider.“
    (2015-05-05 at 11:05)

    „Mr. Lodge was fantastic from the very start! Mr. Lodge helped me find apartments, book viewing appointments and completed the final stages of the contract with me. He was always so friendly and helpful and always replied to my e-mails within ten minutes. As I am from England, I was concerned that finding a place to live would be difficult as I was not in Munich to view apartments at short notice. However, I was able to book appointments in advance to coincide with my visit to Munich, which was very helpful. I viewed and secured an apartment within 24 hours. I would, and have already, recommended Mr. Lodge to my friends!“
    (2014-06-05 at 20:39)

    „The service with Mr.Lodge was excellent, the staff professional and I found that the real service was making sure the apartment offered was of high standard. I am overall impressed with Mr.Lodge and its staff“
    (2014-05-14 at 14:01)

    „We are very satisfied with the service that Mr. Lodge had provided us. We rented the apartment without seeing it but thanks to Mr. Lodge's detailed photographs and video, it is as we expected it to be. We had quick responses from Mr. Lodge's staff in every step so overall it was a very easy rent for us.“
    (2014-10-07 at 22:40)
Customer review: The agent, ***, is very helpful and response to my request in short time.