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Our References - Satisfied Customers Are the Best Reference

I think the team did a great job at communicating and were quick to respond and help me coordinate getting a place to live in Munich. (2018-03-25 at 13:37)

Personal, proffessional service with fast response times and clear instructions. I am very statisfied with Mr.Lodge and would recommend them to everyone I know. (2018-03-24 at 11:32)

Excellent, cooperative, professional...
The apartment is exactly as it is described on the site. (2018-03-20 at 08:48)

Excelent speed and quality service. (2018-03-18 at 21:15)

All went perfect!
Closed a deal for a great apartment in 2 days, what is amazing for Munich standards.
Landlord apparently happy as me. (2018-03-16 at 18:38)

The managers were very efficient and reliable. They responded quickly and were quite helpful and understanding. I had my serch and moving in done in less than a week. Though, I'd say the apartments they offer are a bit expensive. (2018-03-13 at 10:59)

Very polite and kind communication for customer. (2018-03-05 at 15:49)

I have found the Mr. Lodge organization to be extremely professional and helpful in all the communication and support around my apartment search and turn-over. The apartment is well-managed and the Mr. Lodge team has been available and supportive every step of the way. The process was very fast and I am settled into a very comfortable, clean and well-equipped apartment. Thank you! (2018-03-03 at 23:32)

Mr. Lodge offered a large selection of accommodation options and once I'd picked one, they were supportive throughout the entire process. Before and after collecting the keys!
I'd recommend Mr. Lodge to anyone wanting to take the stress away from moving cities. ()

I would recommend, who ever need to find an apartment to use Mr. Lodge. (2018-02-26 at 13:20)

Excellent service in multiple languages, always extremely quick to answer and very nice. A little bit expensive but the appartments are usually extremely well situated, with everything needed (including towels, sheets, cuttlery, fully furnished kitchen ...) so a very good choice in the end ! (2018-02-19 at 21:56)

Really you are providing a good service, maybe there´s room of improvement on expat relocation services (e.g.offering guidelines for local registration, tax, ...). (2018-02-08 at 09:29)

This is the second time my husband and I used the services of Mr.Lodge in Munich. And this time I coordinated with them while I was abroad and didn't really have a lot of time on hand to reach Munich and then search for apartments.
They are extremely prompt with responses and suggestions even during Holiday season, they proactively informed us about the days their office was closed and ensured someone would attend to our requests at the earliest.
I love their portal, it is user-friendly and informative and helps quite a bit to filter your own searches and choose an apartment.
So if you are moving to Munich for sometime and would like to get a furnished apartment that suits your pocket, do check in with Mr.Lodge. (2018-02-07 at 13:06)

I am very thankful for the professional service Mr Lodge offers in finding an apartment in Munich so swiftly. I am able to make viewings on my 2nd day in Munich and then a few days later moved to the new apartment. Thanks to all the staff who helped me along the way! I definitely recommend Mr Lodge! (2018-02-05 at 19:54)

My personal experience was very pleasant, they were always in contact with me and immediately resolved any doubt or concern in the process... really the best international rental experience. The staff transmits confidence and security at all time. (2018-02-05 at 16:52)

More proactive would be appreciated. (2018-01-30 at 19:32)

Rapid and efficient service. (2018-01-30 at 11:46)

The level of communication was excellent from the beginning. As English people living in England with no knowledge of the German system everyone we dealt with was very helpful. The whole process of finding an apartment went smoothly and we couldn’t have asked for more. (2018-01-25 at 20:16)

Always available and helpful. (2018-01-11 at 18:19)

Very good company. They have helped me in finding an apartment in Munich in a smoth and fast way. (2018-01-09 at 19:32)

Good service, quick reaction on requests and e-mails. (2018-01-08 at 09:22)

I found your service great.. and I would recommend your company to others. (2018-01-07 at 15:43)

Mr Lodge was really easy to use and the customer service was great. They were very quick to respond and helpful making sure I had a smooth move-in. I thought it would've been a lot harder to find an apartment in a new city within my budget and time constraints, but Mr. Lodge made it much simpler. (2018-01-06 at 16:48)

Mr Lodge provides an excellent service that I would recommend to anyone in search of an apartment.
The apartment itself was exactly as depicted in the pictures shown on their website, with nothing unexpected.
The team at Mr Lodge is always very prompt with their replies to emails etc.
I have no plans to use any other service or search for an apartment on my own after using Mr Lodge. (2018-01-05 at 17:38)

The prices are very high, but maybe that is the price for the smooth process. I was offered many options, including some non-standard ones, among them I found several that suit me and managed to rent an apartment totally remotely, all within a week. (2017-12-14 at 12:57)

I recommend Mr. Lodge service.
They are professional team. They respond quickly and colloborate well with the customer. (2017-12-11 at 09:31)

Great service and flawless interaction. (2017-12-07 at 11:39)

Mr. Lodge were very helpful when I was looking for an apartment. The apartment is very nice indeed, well furnished, with washing machine and dishwasher and well located. There was an issue when I moved in with a missing router, which meant that I had no Internet access. However, Mr Lodge contacted the Landlady, who finally agreed that they could fit a replacement, so I am happy. I would suggest that a member of the Mr. Lodge team was present at handover, when the contract between tennant and landlord is signed, which would prevent issues like mine in future. However once the issue was clear, the Mr. Lodge team handled it very efficiently! (2017-12-06 at 15:42)

Everything went fine from the beginning until the apartment handover I have only compliments to the service provided to me. (2017-12-05 at 19:48)

The most convenient service to rent a furnished appartment abroad. (2017-11-30 at 16:35)

I was completely satisfied by Mr. Lodge GmbH: quick answers to all of my questions and valuable help in anything that has to do with the renting procedure. Since I am not speaking German, for every paper that I had to read or sign I was given a copy translated in English, which I found extremely helpful. (2017-11-29 at 11:15)

Great Experience, viewed and moved in within less than a week. (2017-11-24 at 21:04)

The personnel was really nice.
It answers to all my questions.
The apartement was really like in pictures and even more.
Was really nice to work with them.
Great job and all my respect for the team. (2017-11-23 at 19:46)

Generally good service, email response time up to a day. Able to organize viewing of several places within days and the move-in time in about a week, possibly less. Also the properties I have visited look like in the pictures and there were no negative surprises. I am revoking one star because the payment details in the contract were not correct (wrong BIC) . (2017-11-17 at 17:57)

Excellent service. I am fully satisfied how quick I get responses on any my questions. (2017-11-15 at 11:57)

I am very satisfied to work with you. Everything was clearly explained and proceeded accordingly. The most important thing was for me; you always respond promptly. (2017-11-14 at 21:30)

Very helpful and polite staff.
Great solution and apartments.
A little bit expensive, but still worth it. (2017-11-10 at 19:03)

I used Mr Lodge to rent an apartment in Munich. the type of properties offered is by far the best when compared to other similar agencies, which denotes a good knowledge, taste and analysis of the market. Service was always professional and very responsive. People spoke several languages and the process was seamless. I can only recommend them for anyone looking for a furnished apartment in Munich. (2017-11-07 at 20:38)

Working with Mr. Lodge GmbH in renting my apartment was the best experience. The personnel were very friendly and followed-up with my on regular basis. Overall my experience working with your team was extremely satisfying. (2017-11-07 at 20:09)

Overall good communication, kind manners and efficient in dealing with issues that arise. (2017-11-07 at 15:12)

Excellent! They know how to work and to organise deals. They helped me very quickly. (2017-11-07 at 12:07)

I think everything was great a would for sure recommend others to use Mr Lodge if they're moving to Munich. (2017-11-07 at 09:54)

Good service. Quick to reply to emails, attentive. A landlord of an apprtment pulled out at the last minute just before signing the final contract, which wasn’t really their fault, but that’s the only reason Mr Lodge doesn’t get full marks. (2017-11-06 at 20:51)

I've been very satisfied with the customer support, assistance has been kind, rapid and efficient! (2017-11-06 at 18:57)

Excellent service. Everything was fast and simple, and the team was friendly and helpful. (2017-11-03 at 09:29)

You gave me very professional service this time and I cannot find anything to be improved. (2017-11-03 at 08:56)

Mr.Lodge is a convenient way to find a fully furnished house in Munich.After moving in, one can settle down very comfortably as houses are fully equipped.
Website is also friendly and I am quite satisfied with the service. (2017-10-29 at 11:17)

I was impressed with the professionalism, prompt support and efficient way in which I was engaged. I certainly would recommend Mr Lodge and indeed if required use their services in future. I appreciated the accurate portrayal of the properties which helped me to select with confidence. All of my interactions with Mr Lodge were first class. An enjoyable experience and I felt that I was in safe hands in what can be a treacherous process. (2017-10-28 at 13:57)

I received support, answers to any questions. I like the result and. I will recommend the agency to my friends. (2017-10-26 at 13:12)

A member of the staff who were in charge of my house request was very nice and seemed very willing to help. I always got quick answers from Mr.Lodge, and they gave really good feedback to my inquiries. All the process from requirment to contract were very clean amd obvious.
The reason I took 1 star out is because of some small mistakes happened, which were not serious problem, but would have been nicer if there weren’t. 1) I had misspelled address on the contract at the first time I got it.(It was corrected (2) I found some house stuff were not exactly same as they were written on internet offer page. It said there were iron board, but there wasn’t. It said there would be 4 hot plates, but there were only 2 of them.
All the other things were just like we informed and expected from Mr.Lodge. We would like to use this service next time we move. (2017-10-24 at 20:44)

Nice and friendly staff, amazing working speed. Even though you have to pay a lot, you would get what you deserve. Anyway, would definitely recommend to someone who is new in Munich. (2017-10-20 at 10:09)

Very good service, very attentive and responsive. Thank you! (2017-10-18 at 10:53)

Great, professional and fast. (2017-10-14 at 00:51)

Everything was very clear. Employee really kind and helpfull. (2017-10-13 at 12:59)

Perfect service. Quick and concise answers. I recommend Mr. Lodge to everyone. (2017-10-13 at 02:30)

Very happy with service. I would recommend to others. (2017-10-12 at 13:10)

Mr. Lodge provided all the help I needed to find and rent an apartment. Great Service. (2017-10-08 at 10:59)

I am very satisfied. I found the perfect apartment in Munich through Mr. Lodge. Their customer support was very helpful in answering my numerous questions. I will definitely recommend Mr. Lodge to others. (2017-10-05 at 14:43)

Mr. Lodge did a fantastic job in helping my wife and I find the perfect apartment in Munich. The team there did a great job of identifying good options for us, showing us the apartments and giving us good advice about the various neighborhoods and other factors. Finally, the contract and handover process was easy.
The team at Mr. Lodge is truly a team. While we had a primary contact, many other people in their office picked up to help whenever necessary in a way that made it seem as if the whole office was devoted to helping us.
I would heartily recommend Mr. Lodge to anyone looking for a furnished apartment in Munich. (2017-10-05 at 10:13)

Fantastic service. These guys really go the extra mile. I arrived in Munich to start a new job and within 48 hours I was shown a place that is totally perfect for work and leisure. Exceptional value for money. I would recommend this to anyone - no need to look further. The apartment has everything that you might need and more - I was told that I only needed to bring a suitcase and wash-bag and they were not kidding - I now feel like I have a home here. (2017-10-05 at 10:07)

Since I wanted to find a new apartment in Munich, Mr. Lodge staff was sending me various offers(where I want to live, and since when) and information kindly and quickly.
The process the contract was really speedy, the Staff explained more detail. The Landlord is so nice, he always handles something to ask rapidly.
The apartment looks much better than pictures. Cosy! Clean!
Really Satisfied!! Good neighborhood, Proximity of public transportation! (2017-09-30 at 00:38)

It was very good! The company provided fast answers and clear information. Also they were very helpful with the assisting in looking for apartments that fitted to my wishes. I would recommend Mr. Lodge for sure! (2017-09-25 at 20:37)

Mr Lodge did great a job aiding communication between the landlord and tenant. They kept us updated and helped make the moving process smooth. (2017-09-20 at 09:31)

Mr. Lodge made it very easy to rent an apartment prior to my arrival in Munich. The offers placed on the website are very comprehensive and the photos and video are true to the actual state of the respective property. Perhaps it would be useful to include a section on each property page to indicate whether there is already an offer on the property or to illustrate how many others are considering it; this would have helped me manage my expectations when placing offers during my search, particularly as it was during a season of high demand. Overall however, the process was quick and efficient and I would recommend Mr. Lodge to anyone - particularly expats - on the search for real estate agents. (2017-09-20 at 00:08)

Great service so far. I did like the speed of doing business. (2017-09-15 at 15:36)

I am very satisfied by the service provided. (2017-09-13 at 12:28)

Excellent customer support. I would strongly recommend Mr. Lodge. (2017-09-13 at 08:36)

Mr. Lodge could be 'trusted'. And that is a big statement in that line of business. (2017-09-12 at 22:28)

Very nice service, very accurate and the person in charge of my case was really professional at available when I needed information.I strongly recommend Mr. Lodge. (2017-09-12 at 20:31)

I was very satisfied with the service. The staff was responsive and helpful. I located a very nice flat with their assistance and everything proceeded smoothly. I would definitely recommend to others. (2017-09-09 at 09:38)

Very helpful and sorted the rental accommodation very quickly. There was no follow-up on a report I made of the apartment on moving in, hence 4 stars. A good company, I would use them again. (2017-09-03 at 19:39)

I am very satisfied with the service provided, and I like the apartment very much. I will recommend Mr Lodge to my friends. (2017-08-31 at 08:35)

Fast and efficient service. (2017-08-22 at 12:08)

I am very satisfied with Mr. Lodge. They helped me a lot and they answered my emails very quickly. (2017-08-21 at 12:18)

Mr Lodge team was definetely excellent at making me feel satisfied with my needs related to the search of a small and cosy accommodation to rent in Munich for several months. When I started my search I was a bit worried as I'd been told that the situation was very tense for the renting market. So I addressed my inquiry for an apartment to rent to several agencies. I must say that Mr. Lodge is far and foremost the more professional, well organized and careful to the needs of their clients. (2017-08-20 at 22:02)

Mr. Lodge is a very serious company, definitely the best in Munich. The staff is trained and kind, always ready to grant you any request. (2017-08-20 at 12:30)

They provide very good service and have a lot of patience. (2017-08-18 at 21:22)

Extremely nice representative. I got quick response for every query I had. Thank you Mr. Lodge for making my life easier. (2017-08-17 at 12:47)

While the Service provided is top-notch in terms of quick revert to questions, appointments, etc. it would be far better to increase the options for Apartments with affordable rent Options. (2017-08-16 at 09:15)

The correspondence was very quick and appropriate. (2017-08-07 at 15:21)

I was very satisfied with Mr Lodge. Everyone I dealt with was very professional and highly organised.
All information was clear and everyone was a pleasure to deal with. (2017-08-07 at 11:37)