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Great service. Really helpful for someone like me who is new to Germany and does not understand German. Response time for the queries raised by me was immediate. A big thumbs up to Mr Lodge from my side. Thank you and keep up the good service. (eKomi review)

Relocation in Munich

What are relocation companies?

Relocation services are becoming increasingly important in the modern working world. Relocation companies support people such as expats or project employees, who have to leave their home country for private or professional reasons. Relocation services encompass the entire moving process. The relocation service team assists customers and their families in finding an apartment, moving furniture, or dealing with administrative formalities, thereby offering a kind of “all-inclusive move“.

Furnished Apartments in Munich
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Searching for an apartment is one central service that is offered by a relocation company in Munich. Mr. Lodge has a wide range of furnished apartments and you can quickly find your ideal apartment in your preferred location by yourself. Here you can view over 200 current offers online and rent them immediately. Our international team would be happy to help you.

Relocation companies – The full range of services

The complete services of relocation companies range from the apartment search and support with the authorities to the consultation on cultural issues, help with language problems, and even the search for a suitable school for the kids. Thus, the customer has one central contact person who organizes everything related to the customer's move. This service is especially attractive for expats who, due to professional stress or lack of experience in the host country, do not have the time and/or the relevant background knowledge to take care of all aspects of the move themselves.

Although this type of service originally comes from the United States, where large cities have had a vivid expat culture for a long time, it is currently quickly making its way to Munich, as well. As more and more people from all over the world come to Munich, due to the city's attractive surroundings and good job opportunities, relocation companies also settle down here to support those expats or project employees and their families.

Relocation in Munich – Our partners:

If you are not just looking for an apartment for temporary rental, but instead want to take advantage of the complete range of services a relocation company has to offer, we are pleased to provide you with a list of partners we have worked with successfully over the years and whom we can highly recommend to you.