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Geschäftsleitung Mr. Lodge mit Focus Top Makler Auszeichung

Furnished apartment rental and real estate sales

Mr. Lodge GmbH is the largest and leading agency for temporary rental of furnished apartments and houses in the greater Munich area.

Our success story began 25 years ago:

  • 1992: Mr. Lodge GmbH is established by Helmut Strohmaier and Robert Schäfer as an agency for temporary accommodation. It emerges from the company "Mitwohnzentrale Kazmaierstraße / Ligsalzstraße", which has existed since 1988.
  • 1995: Norbert Beermann´s real estate agency takes over temporary accommodation, Norbert Verbücheln Real Estate (since 1991), Leopoldstraße 96.
  • 1996: Norbert Beermann´s real estate agency, with offices at Kaulbachstraße 61 and in the metro station "Universität" (university), takes over Mr. Lodge GmbH.
  • 1997: For the first time apartments are presented with pictures on the internet.
  • 1999: Introduction of the IPIX 360° panorama format as the first real estate company in Germany. 2000 Move to the Barer Strasse 32 with 8 employees.
  • 2000: Relocation to Barerstraße 32 with 8 employees.
  • 2002: First videos of properties are shown online.
  • 2005: Opening of the office Adalbertstraße 6 – interior design, technical service, photo/video service and administration.
  • 2009: Videos are mandatory for all new properties.
  • 2010: For the first time, 3,000 furnished apartments are rented out by the agency. Mr. Lodge has over 30 employees.
  • 2011: Opening of the office Prinz-Ludwig-Straße 7. The internet department, interior design, and technical support also move into the new office.
  • 2012: Mr. Lodge has over 50 employees.
  • 2013: The photo/video/IT department moves into a newly opened Mr. Lodge office at Türkenstraße 11. Mr. Lodge employs over 60 staff members.
  • 2015: Mr. Lodge opens an additional office at Prinz-Ludwig-Str.7 and adds real estate sales to its portfolio.
  • 2016: Training at Mr. Lodge in the areas of IT system administration, marketing communication, and photography
  • 2017: Norbert Verbücheln takes over the company management from Norbert Beerman, who is still active as a consultant.
  • 2019: Once again Mr. Lodge receives the award for Top Broker from Focus Spezial and is now also Bellevue Best Property Agent for the first time.

Since its formation, the company has been developing steadily from its small beginnings to its current size with 80 employees at three locations in Munich.