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Determination of the Rental Price in Munich

Guide for the average price of property

Next to the size, furniture, and equipment, the location, neighborhood and the condition of the apartment are the most impotant criteria for determining a rental price. We view your apartment or your house, and assist you with the determination of the rental price. The following factors are decisive for the determination of the ideal rental price:

How appealing are condition and equipment of the property?

  • Year of construction?
  • Overall condition of the apartment?
  • How old is the furniture, the bathroom and the kitchen?
  • The size and functionality of the apartment?
  • Is underground parking available?
  • Is the technical equipment complete and up to date?

For example: washing machine and dryer - in the apartment, dishwasher, microwave, cable or satellite TV, high speed internet access

How attractive is the area and the living environment?

  • very good connection to public transport
  • restaurants
  • nice cafés
  • shops for daily needs: supermarket, bakery, etc.
  • shopping, boutiques
  • leisure: cinema, theater, beer gardens, parks, etc.
  • sports: swimming pool, gym, tennis courts, etc.

Price ranges in Munich from our experience:

good quality equipment exclusive equipment
1- room apartments€ 950,- to € 1.200,-€ 1.200,- to € 1.700,-
2- room apartments€ 1.450,- to € 1.600,-€ 1.600,- to € 3.000,-
3- room apartments€ 1.800,- to € 2.450,-€ 2.450,- to € 5.000,-
4+ room apartments€ 2.500,- to € 3.000,-€ 3.000,- to € 6.000,-
houses€ 2.300,- to € 3.000,-€ 3.000,- to € 8.000,-

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