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Finding a parking space in large cities is often a difficult endeavor. Parking bays are often completely or temporarily reserved for residents. We would like to give you an overview of the various parking options in Munich:

Private parking spaces

single parking space in the underground parking garage

Most underground parking spaces are single parking spaces that can be entered at ground level and are marked with lines or parking space numbers. Occasionally, there are also lockable individual parking spaces in underground garages, which are then completely separated by a fence. In some garages there is also a possibility to charge electric cars. It should be noted that the electricity is charged separately and is not included in the parking space rent.

split-level parking garages

A split-level garage (called a duplex garage) parking space is a "duplicated" (doubled) parking space where two cars can park on top of each other. By using a key, the levels' position can be changed so that you can drive into the parking space at ground level. With this type of garage it is important to check what size of cars can fit here. Not all large cars (SUVs, for example) will fit.

single parking space and carport

At many apartment buildings there is a separate parking lot for residents. The individual parking spaces are separated by lines and the car's license plate can be registered with the property management. These parking spaces usually require payment and are billed with the monthly rent or separately by the property management.
If there is also a charging station for electric cars, the use of electricity will be charged additionally.
There are also covered individual parking spaces outside, so-called carports. The roof is either attached to the residential building or freestanding.

resident parking

In many side streets, parking is only possible with a resident parking permit. If the car is registered in one's own name, the permit can be applied for at the City of Munich. However, it is a prerequisite that the main or secondary residence is demonstrably located in the license area and there are no other private parking spaces available at the residential property. You can find more information about applying for a parking permit here (site in german).

multi parking

To accommodate a large number of cars in a small space, there are so-called multi-parking systems. The cars are lined up both above and next to each other in a kind of subterranean shelf system. Access is provided through an entry room on the surface of the lot. Cars are parked and unparked using stacker cranes or shuttles. Parking plates are used to move the parking spaces up and down and side to side, thus making them accessible.

public parking

parking ticket and parking app

Within the city area there are only very few parking facilities that are free of charge. For most parking spaces, you have to buy a parking ticket from a machine and place it in the car under the windshield, clearly legible. Parking is also limited in time in some streets. A parking app (site in german) makes it possible to buy a parking ticket without using cash. The car's location is marked on the map and the license plate number is recorded . The parking time can then be conveniently determined via a start/stop function.

handicapped parking

In order to help people with disabilities move around the city, there are numerous parking spaces marked with the blue wheelchair symbol. With a designated parking permit, people with disabilities can park at these locations free of charge. You can find a detailed overview here(site in german).

park+ride lots

The concept of Park+Ride lots was invented to limit car traffic in downtown Munich. This way, drivers can avoid the stress of searching for a parking space in the city center. There is a direct connection to public transportation at every advertised parking garage. This way, you can reach your destination without any problems and leave the car parked comfortably outside the city center. The cost of parking varies, depending on the duration of parking and location. Here(site in german) you can find out where the facilities are located in Munich and how much they cost.

parking with charging stations (e-parking)

Drivers of electric cars have the additional option of parking in spaces reserved exclusively for electric cars. There are spaces with " charging" signs, where you may only park while charging your car and other e- parking spaces without such signs. The electric car also needs a valid license plate (marked with an 'E"). In many lots, parking is free for authorized vehicles. An overview of the free charging stations in Munich can be found here(site in german).

Parking garages

Throughout the city, there are a variety of public parking garages. Here you can buy tickets and pay by the hour. Prices vary, but most are around 3 to 4 euros per hour.
In some parking garages, it is also possible to rent parking spaces on a monthly basis. This is a good option and often the only way to park your car safely, especially for tenants in city center locations who do not have their own parking space. You can find an overview here.

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