What kind of furnished apartments are the most suitable for renting out?

Here we give you an overview of our tenant's requirements and the ideal and most popular apartment sizes for furnished temporary rental.

1-room and 1.5-room apartments

So far, apartments in the size of approx. 25 to 40 sqm have always been in the strongest demand. However, in the course of the Corona pandemic, a surplus of supply arose here in 2020. Numerous new apartment and boarding houses also contributed to this development. The Corona pandemic also meant that many employees currently work from home (home office). It can therefore be assumed that space within one's own four walls has become more important.

Therefore, this type of apartment can meanwhile no longer be brokered as quickly as it used to be.

Apartments with a small separate sleeping area with a window have a slight advantage, as the usage value of this 1.5-room apartment type often corresponds to that of a 2-room apartment.

2-room apartments

In 2020, the oversupply of 2-room apartments was not as significant as in the case of 1-room apartments. The optimal size here is +/- 55sqm.

Very large two-room apartments (approx. 75 to 100 sqm) are less in demand in comparison, since the advantage in functionality for the tenant is rather marginal. For a corresponding rental price for this size, at least an upscale and especially central residential location is necessary.

Applicable to 1- to 2-room apartments:

Whereas in the past the features of a work space, rooftop terrace or spacious garden usually did not generate a significant price advantage for the landlord, these features can now be a competitive advantage due to changes in tenants' needs - think, home office and lockdown.

The vast majority of tenants absolutely want a washing machine or washer-dryer within the apartment.

An underground parking space is usually not really a deciding factor for tenants in these apartment sizes (different with 3-room apartments or larger).

3-room apartments

The typical size is about 75 - 100 square meters. Here, too, functionality is more important than pure space.

Who are the target tenant groups here? They are the family with a child, the team with two employees or prospective tenants who want to live generously with a study and guest room.

Depending on the floor plan and room size, we recommend a master bedroom with a large double bed (ideally at least 180 x 200 cm) and a study or guest room with a sofa bed that can also serve as a second bedroom.

However, if the apartment is aimed at an employee shared apartment as tenants, two proper bedrooms are needed. Furthermore, two complete bathrooms are a big plus for the achievable rental price.

The more upscale and prestigious the apartment, the more important a comfortable underground parking space will be to the tenant.

4-room-apartments and larger properties

Families with two children as well as project teams (employee shared apartment) are the typical tenant clientele for this apartment size. Therefore, these apartments should have two to three bedrooms in addition to the living room, if possible.

Not all bedrooms in the apartment have to be equipped with a large double bed. Depending on the size of the room and the layout, a bed measuring 120 x 200 cm may also be sufficient, but it should not be smaller. More popular, however, are beds with dimensions 140 x 200 cm.

With this size of apartment, the number of bathrooms plays a very important role in the rentability. Large families or several colleagues in a project team live much more comfortably if there are two or more bathrooms and like to select the apartment specifically according to this requirement.

The market for large apartments with four or more rooms is somewhat smaller compared to three-room apartments.

Furnished houses

Fully furnished houses are in some ways a market in themselves. Demand for furnished houses is comparatively much lower than for furnished apartments.

In terms of typical tenant groups, the same statements made about 4-bedroom apartments and larger mostly apply. They are families with multiple children or project teams (employee shared apartments) looking for a comfortable number of bedrooms: It is not just larger living space that is important to home tenants, but a sufficient number of bedrooms. A family with, for example, three children and a nanny usually already needs at least four bedrooms. In addition, there is usually room for guests, preferably with real beds. These tenants usually find the desired number of bedrooms only in a house.


Particularly beginning with the 3-room apartments, tenants are paying attention not only to comfort but also to functionality. This means: Above all, the number of bathrooms in conjunction with the number of bedrooms becomes decisive. The "study" feature can now support rentability to a greater extent than in the past. As apartment size increases, a convenient underground parking space becomes more important.

Your apartment is "different"?

Our experiences are indications, not mandatory conditions. Your apartment or house differs from the above conditions? Please do not hesitate to ask us about the possibilities of furnished renting. Even apartments and houses with very individual characteristics or completely untypical conditions can find a suitable market slot in the furnished sector. The individuality of the property is becoming more and more important, which is why your property might be in particular demand. We are looking forward to your call.

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