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Here you can read about how to find out the market value of your property, what you need to prepare for the sale and how much time you should allocate. You will find details about the costs and necessary documents for the purchase contract and tips for inspections and handovers. Find out about Mr. Lodge conditions and services such as photo services, technical services and interior design advice, or feel free to contact us personally at any time.

Questions about the property
  • What is my property worth?

    The realistic market value of a real estate property for sale corresponds to the estimate of what a prospective buyer is willing to pay for the property at the time of sale.

    Compare similar properties and their prices and look at trends in the local real estate market. Alternatively, you can of course hire an appraiser or real estate agent like us to help you get the best possible selling price.

Questions about the preparation of the sale
  • How much time do I have to allocate for the sale?

    On average, we expect a period of at least 3 months from the start of the sale until the notarization. However, the actual selling time depends on the circumstances of your property. The condition of the apartment or house, its location, size and condition play an important role. It also depends on whether the property is ready for immediate sale or needs to be modernized or renovated beforehand. In addition, the sale of a rented apartment depends on the tenants' flexibility with regard to viewing appointments.

  • What arrangements still need to be made before the start of the sale?

    Before we can start with the actual sale, we first need the signed brokerage agreement including revocation and privacy policy as well as your ID data. Next, we need the following documents for the property: current excerpt from the land register, building description, site plan, energy certificate, floor plans and insurance documents for the building. In the case of condominiums, we also require the last three valid records of the owners' meetings, the economic plan, the last annual statement of account and the declaration of division including addenda. In the case of a rented property, we also require the rental agreement and the tenant's contact details.

    Subsequently, our photo department will take professional photos and videos on site. If necessary, our home staging department will also be consulted in order to make the property even more welcoming.

    If you have any questions about repairs, renovations and modernizations, our technical service will be happy to assist you.

Questions about the sale
  • What documents are needed for a purchase contract?

    When deciding to buy, we need a proof of equity or a confirmation of financing from a financial institution from the prospective buyers. Then all details for the draft purchase contract can be discussed and both parties sign a reservation confirmation with the declaration of consent for the notary's liability. The notary then receives a detailed list from us of, what is to be included in the purchase contract, right down to the inventory list for furnished properties. Based on many years of good business relations, we then suggest a suitable notary's office to the buyer and seller, or we select a notary's office requested by the buyer or seller and arrange a notary's appointment. Until the date of notarization, which our real estate consultant will always accompany you to, you will have time to collect all the necessary documents.

  • What costs are connected with the purchase contract?

    The costs for the notarization of the purchase agreement, i.e. the notary, are usually paid by the buyer. Likewise, they bear the costs for the registration of the priority notice of conveyance and the conveyance in the land register and for official approvals.

    The seller bears the costs for deletions in the land register, if necessary.

    The current commission regulation in Germany states that the commission for buyers and sellers must be the same amount for apartments and single-family houses if the broker acts for both parties and the buyers are consumers.

    For other types of real estate (multi-family houses, land, commercial units) or if the real estate agent acts exclusively for the seller (so-called "pure internal commission"), or if the buyers are not consumers, the exact structure of the commission is still not prescribed by law and thus freely agreed upon on the market.

  • What are the important factors during the viewings?

    Cleanliness and tidiness as well as a pleasant room climate are important for an optimal presentation of your property. Our real estate consultants organize the viewing appointments with the prospective buyers in coordination with you or your tenant.

  • Which points have to be considered during the handover?

    The handover of the property always takes place under the current hygiene regulations and all keys and property documents must be handed over. All meter readings such as electricity, water, gas, etc. must be recorded in a joint protocol. At the request of the parties involved, an interim meter reading can be agreed, which the buyer usually pays for and which the seller must agree to, or pro rata temporis billing can be carried out by the property management. The protocol must be signed by the buyer and the seller and the energy suppliers must subsequently be informed.

    We prepare a handover protocol for you in advance to guarantee a smooth process. We are also available to carry out the handover together with you.

Questions about the Mr. Lodge service offers
  • How much does the Mr. Lodge brokerage service cost me as the seller of the property?

    At Mr. Lodge you will receive a transparent contract design and we will keep you informed about every step we take.

    The current commission regulation in Germany states that buyers and sellers of apartments and single-family homes must pay the same amount of commission if the estate agent acts for both parties and the buyers are consumers. In these cases, the commission at Mr. Lodge is usually 2.5% plus 19% VAT (= 2.975% incl. VAT).
    For other types of property (multi-family houses, land, commercial units), or if the estate agent works exclusively for the seller (so-called "pure internal commission", i.e. no brokerage contract with the buyers), or if the buyers are not consumers, the commission is still not prescribed by law and can therefore be freely agreed on the market.

  • How can I benefit from the home staging department at Mr. Lodge for the sale?

    Our experienced furnishing consultants and interior designers will ensure the perfect presentation of your property for sale on request and by arrangement. We use furniture and accessories temporarily in unfurnished properties or optimize your existing furnishings, maybe even by repositioning them. We design through wall colors and light accents and decorate for the perfect photo presentation.

  • What does the technical service take care of?

    When a property is getting on in years, targeted renovation and modernization measures help to increase its value. Mr. Lodge performs many of the craftsman services with its own skilled workers and technicians. In addition, our team commissions, organizes and coordinates selected and reliable specialist companies. You can find a small cost overview here.

Questions about the photo and video service
  • Can I also submit my own photos/videos?

    High quality photos and videos are essential for the optimal presentation and successful marketing of your property. Photos and videos of the properties for sale are therefore made by the specialists of Mr. Lodge with professional and the latest photo and video equipment. Photos and videos of the sellers can unfortunately not be used for this reason.

  • How much does the photo/video service cost?

    The photographs are part of Mr. Lodge's service package and are free of charge for our sales customers. You can find more information here.

  • What should I keep in mind for the photo session?

    If your property is still occupied, personal items should be removed and the property should be presented as neutrally as possible. Please also keep in mind that your property should appear inviting. If it is an empty property, we recommend the use of home staging to convey a welcoming image. Our home staging team will be happy to help you with this. Find more information here.

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