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[Translate to english:] Sehr heller Wohnruam...
[Translate to english:] gemütlich eingerichtet
[Translate to english:] Die sehr schöne Südterrasse
[Translate to english:] Hell gefliestes ...
[Translate to english:] ...Wannenbad mit Fenster
[Translate to english:] Kuschlige Schlafnische
[Translate to english:] Separate Küche mit ...
[Translate to english:] ...genügend Stauraum
[Translate to english:] Gelegen in einer ...
[Translate to english:] ...ruhigen Seitenstraße
[Translate to english:] Charmanter Hinterhofcharakter
[Translate to english:] Der Hohenzollernplatz
[Translate to english:] Der Kurfürstenplatz i.d. Nähe
[Translate to english:] Zahlreiche Lokale ...
[Translate to english:] ...im direkten Umfeld
[Translate to english:] Wellness im Nordbad
Schwabing: For sun worshippers - apartment with roof terrace
80796 München
Selling Price 435.000 €
Living Area ca. 32 m²
Apartment 1 Rooms
Exposed location with south-facing terrace This sun-flooded, 4th floor roof terrace apartment is located in a multi-family house built in 1967 in…
[Translate to english:] Wohn-Essbereich mit...
[Translate to english:] Blick auf die Küche und...
[Translate to english:] ...gemütlicher Sitzecke
[Translate to english:] Das Schlafzimmer mit...
[Translate to english:] großem Kleiderschrank ...
[Translate to english:] und Sideboard
[Translate to english:] Eingangsbereich
[Translate to english:] Sehr schönes Wannenbad...
[Translate to english:] geräumig und ...
[Translate to english:] sehr hell dank Fenster
[Translate to english:] Alle Räume vom Flur begehbar
[Translate to english:] Spiegelkonsole im Flur
[Translate to english:] Die Frontansicht
[Translate to english:] Nachbarschaft
[Translate to english:] Seitenansicht
[Translate to english:] Ein Brunnen vis a vis
[Translate to english:] Umgebung
[Translate to english:] Hohenzollernplatz
Schwabing: 2-room apartment - commercial use also possible
80796 München
Selling Price 625.000 €
Living Area ca. 56 m²
Apartment 2 Rooms
Quiet and well-kept You are looking at a 2-room apartment with a living space of about 56 m², which is located on the mezzanine floor of a…
[Translate to english:] Wohnzimmer
[Translate to english:] mit Treppe zum Hobbyraum
[Translate to english:] Schlafzimmer mit ...
[Translate to english:] viel Platz
[Translate to english:] Kinderzimmer mit Zugang...
[Translate to english:] ... zum Garten
[Translate to english:] Küche mit Fenster
[Translate to english:] Bad mit Wanne
[Translate to english:] Gäste-WC
[Translate to english:] großzügige Diele
[Translate to english:] ...mit viel Platz
[Translate to english:] Terrasse...
[Translate to english:] ...mit Gartenanteil...
[Translate to english:] ...als Sondernutzungsrecht
[Translate to english:] Hobbyraum
[Translate to english:] mit Fenster
[Translate to english:] Zugang zum Haus
[Translate to english:] Verkehrsberuhigte...
[Translate to english:] ...Spielstrasse
[Translate to english:] Lerchenauer See
Lerchenau: Family-friendly 3.5-room apartment with garden
80935 München
Selling Price 795.000 €
Living Area ca. 90 m²
Apartment 3 Rooms
The 3.5-room apartment for sale was built in 1991 and is located in a very well-kept residential complex, which is situated in a traffic reduced play…
[Translate to english:] Bauernstube und...
[Translate to english:] ...Diele
[Translate to english:] Wohn- und Esszimmer
[Translate to english:] Esszimmer
[Translate to english:] Wohnzimmer
[Translate to english:] Gästezimmer
[Translate to english:] Treppe OG
[Translate to english:] Küche
[Translate to english:] Esszimmer
[Translate to english:] Gäste- oder Kinderzimmer
[Translate to english:] Bibliothek
[Translate to english:] Diele OG
[Translate to english:] Kinderzimmer OG
[Translate to english:] Duschbad OG
[Translate to english:] Schlafzimmer DG
[Translate to english:] Wannenbad DG
[Translate to english:] Terrasse
[Translate to english:] Vorderansicht Eingang
[Translate to english:] Terrasse
[Translate to english:] Luftaufnahme Osten
Gmund/Dürnbach -Tegernsee: Listed farmhouse "Hairerhof”
83703 Gmund/Dürnbach
Selling Price 1.690.000 €
Living Area ca. 330 m²
Apartments 11 Rooms
Living Habitat at Lake Tegernsee The single ridge farm "Hairerhof" was built in 1788 with flat gable roof construction, block construction upper…
[Translate to english:] Zugang zum Haus
[Translate to english:] Bestehendes Einfamilienhaus
[Translate to english:] dicht eingewachsen
[Translate to english:] Terrasse
[Translate to english:] Aufgang zum Dachgeschoss
[Translate to english:] Wohnzimmer
[Translate to english:] Esszimmer
[Translate to english:] Luftaufnahme von Osten
[Translate to english:] Luftaufnahme von Westen
[Translate to english:] Maria-Eich-Strasse
Gräfelfing: Building plot in prime location
82166 Gräfelfing
Selling Price 4.500.000 €
Construction Plot
The property for sale with approx. 1,767m² has a single-family house, which is currently still occupied by the owner. There are several trees on…
[Translate to english:] Sehr heller Wohnraum...
[Translate to english:] ...mit Blick Richtung Essplatz
[Translate to english:] Geschmackvolle Einbauküche...
[Translate to english:] ...mit viel Stauraum...
[Translate to english:] ...und genügend Arbeitsfläche
[Translate to english:] Tisch für d. Kaffee am Morgen
[Translate to english:] Flur mit Einbauschrank...
[Translate to english:] ...und Blick ins Wohnzimmer
[Translate to english:] Auch das Schlafzimmer sehr ...
[Translate to english:] ...hell mit Einbauschränken
Großer West-Balkon...
mit viel Grün lässt sich ...
[Translate to english:] ...sehr hübsch gestalten
Komfortables Duschbad...
...mit Doppelduschkabine...
...und Waschmaschinenanschluß
[Translate to english:] Eingangsbereich
[Translate to english:] Eine sehr gepflegte Anlage
[Translate to english:] Biergarten in der Nähe
Obersendling: A treasure with an ideal layout
81379 München
Selling Price 500.000 €
Living Area ca. 52 m²
Apartment 2 Rooms
Anything you want This high-quality 2-room apartment is located on the 2nd floor of a multi-family house built in 2005. The apartment is easily…
Wohn-/ Essbereich
Life und...
...Work - Balance
Flur mit Gäste-WC und...
...hochwertigen Einbauten
Behagliche Atmosphäre und...
...ca. 5,5m hoher Luftraum
Galerie mit...
Ideenreich und kreativ
Arbeits- und/ oder...
Verbindung von Zeit und Raum
Schlafzimmer in...
...exklusivem Design mit...
...Ankleidezimmer und...
Ruhige Umgebung
City center: Elegant townhouse - stylish living and working
80331 München
Selling Price 3.650.000 €
Living Area ca. 175 m²
House 4 Rooms
On the highest level This city residence captivates with a well thought-out, individual floor plan, through generosity and charm as well as the…
Großer Empfangsbereich
Geschmackvoll Wohnen..
Küche mit Balkon...
...voll ausgestattet
Sonniger Balkon
mit Aussicht
Ruhiges Schlafzimmer...
...zum Innenhof
mit Fenster
Bad mit Waschmaschine
mit vielen Cafés
beste Infrastruktur
mit vielen Angeboten
Schwabing: Spacious 2.5-room apartment in popular location
80801 München
Selling Price 890.000 €
Living Area ca. 71 m²
Apartment 2 Rooms
Quiet location facing the inner courtyard This attractive, bright apartment is located on the 5th floor of a well-kept residential complex built…
[Translate to english:] Großzügiges Wohnzimmer...
[Translate to english:] ...mit Zugang...
[Translate to english:] ...zur Ost-Terrasse
[Translate to english:] Geräumige Diele
[Translate to english:] Moderne Einbauküche
[Translate to english:] Tageslichtbad
[Translate to english:] Schlafzimmer...
[Translate to english:] ...und...
[Translate to english:] ...Arbeits- /oder...
[Translate to english:] ...Kinderzimmer
[Translate to english:] Gartennutzung
[Translate to english:] Sehr gepflegte Anlage
[Translate to english:] Gute Wohnlage
[Translate to english:] Menterschwaige
[Translate to english:] An der Isar
[Translate to english:] Isarhochufer
Harlaching: Isar high bank - attractive 3-room garden apartment
81545 München
Selling Price 840.000 €
Living Area ca. 78 m²
Apartment 3 Rooms
The rented out, secluded 3-room apartment with approx. 78 m² living space is located on the ground floor of a well-kept, small residential complex…
Geräumiger Wohn- und...
Küche mit Fenster
gut augestattet
Schlafzimmer mit...
...Zugang zum Balkon
Badezimmer mit...
Fahrradabstellplätze im...
...herrlich grünen Innenhof
Wunderschöner, großer...
...Ost/ Süd/ West- Balkon
Funktionale Einbauschränke...
...in der Diele
In der Nähe
Um die Ecke
Maxvorstadt: Sunny 2-room apartment with beautiful balcony
80333 München
Selling Price 755.000 €
Living Area ca. 66 m²
Apartment 2 Rooms
The bright, well-cut 2-room apartment is located on the 3rd floor of a well-kept residential building, which was built in the early 80s and has 14…
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