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How to successfully sell your apartment in Munich

In the current market situation, many owners feel the need to call on the expertise of a local broker when selling their apartment in Munich. The current market changes require a high level of market knowledge; the sales process is highly complex.
From the market-driven price determination and definition of the sales strategy, to the preparation of perfect sales documents with high-quality photos, to negotiation and follow-up. Here you get a first overview.


Table of contents

  1. Price determination, strategy and preparation: selling an apartment in Munich
  2. Challenges of selling an apartment in Munich
  3. How the selling process works: steps and time frame
  4. The most important documents for selling an apartment in Munich
  5. Tips for the optimal presentation of your apartment: home staging, photos and exposé
  6. Frequently asked questions and answers about selling an apartment in Munich
  7. Successful apartment sale: checklist and closing tips

Price determination, strategy and preparation: Selling an apartment in Munich

In order for the process of selling your apartment in Munich to run smoothly and successfully, careful preparation is necessary. This starts with determining the price that can actually be achieved for your apartment in Munich.

Professional free real estate valuation

Since the current market development in Munich is very dynamic at the moment and prices have dropped recently, some real estate owners find it difficult to estimate how much their apartment is actually valued at the moment. Therefore, have your apartment in Munich professionally appraised by an experienced expert like Mr. Lodge. This will give you a realistic assessment of the market value of your apartment - based on daily updated analyses and a recommendation for pricing that fits the current market situation. With our online real estate appraisal, you'll receive an initial assessment without us even seeing your home. Please keep in mind that the initial appraisal only provides orientation, but cannot replace a professional on-site appraisal. This is because every property and every location is individual.
We at Mr. Lodge evaluate your property free of charge and are also happy to advise you personally at any time.

The right pricing strategy

The development of a suitable pricing strategy is a challenge for many owners without the appropriate expertise. Anyone who gives an unrealistic estimate currently runs the risk of either selling their property below value or even not finding a buyer who is able or willing to pay the price. If an apartment in Munich is for sale for too long, real estate buyers question the value of the object. Therefore, we at Mr. Lodge would like to support you with a professional property valuation and a promising pricing strategy.

Preparation of the apartment

Make sure that your apartment in Munich is in good condition. Fix any obvious defects such as leaky faucets, broken tiles or damaged walls. Using home staging can help present your apartment in the best way. If you need assistance, Mr. Lodge's technical service and interior design team will be happy to help.


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Real Estate Valuation

Preparation of the apartment

Make sure that your apartment in Munich is in good condition. Fix any obvious defects such as leaky faucets, broken tiles or damaged walls. Using home staging can help present your apartment in the best way. If you need assistance, Mr. Lodge's technical service and interior design team will be happy to help.


High quality photos and exposé

Professional photos of your apartment ensure an optimal presentation of your property. Ideally combined with a video tour, which gives interested parties a perfect first impression. You can use these online and in advertising materials to market your Munich apartment. With an appealing exposé and meaningful information about the apartment, location and equipment, you will also reach the right target group.
The photo and video team of Mr. Lodge offers this service for customers free of charge.


Important note: Banks require many documents as a prerequisite for financing

Have all documents and records relevant to the sale at hand. This includes land register excerpt, cadastral map, energy certificate, scaled apartment floor plans and any renovation or modernization certificates. Make sure all required documents are complete and up to date to avoid delays in closing the sale. Many banks will not decide on loan approvals until all necessary documentation has been provided.

Working with a professional real estate agent

We at Mr. Lodge help you with the marketing as well as the smooth and legally secure sale of your apartment in Munich. We take care of all the necessary steps: preparation and marketing of the property, procurement of all documents relevant to the sale, conducting the viewings, notary appointment and handover of the apartment. We find solvent buyers for you and facilitate the sales process.


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The challenges of selling an apartment in Munich

Selling an apartment in Munich can pose a number of specific challenges. Again and again, owners underestimate how much time and effort is required for a legally sound apartment sale in Munich. Since the demand for apartments in Munich is still high, the inspection management, for example, requires a lot of time. At the same time, prices for apartments in Munich remain at a very high level despite recent price corrections, which is why you should not turn down interested parties too early because you think you have already found a buyer. If it turns out that they do not have sufficient financing, the sale will not close and the marketing process will start again.

In addition, many prospective buyers try to negotiate the price. Here, a sales professional will always distinguish whether the desired price adjustment is justified or not. If demand is strong and there is a high potential for the apartment to sell and develop, then there is little room for negotiation. If demand is low and the asking price is below what buyers in Munich can currently afford, then the real estate professional will have to mediate more strongly between the two parties in order to achieve a successful sale.

Experienced real estate agents will therefore consider what can be accomplished on the Munich market as early as the price determination stage. In addition, many prospective buyers ask critical questions about the state of renovation or about perceived weaknesses of the property. In these cases, too, it makes sense to leave the handling of any objections to a sales professional who is prepared to deal with such questions.


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How the sales process works: steps and time frame

We, the Mr. Lodge sales team, are at your side as competent experts throughout the entire sales process, every step of the way. We take your individual wishes and ideas into consideration. When searching for buyers, we have a large circle of well-known investors at our disposal so that we can place your property quickly and in the best possible way. Our comprehensive portfolio of services covering all aspects of the sales process enables us to provide you with ideal support at every stage. Discreet marketing - without publication in the portal - is also possible thanks to our large search network.


Viewing and evaluation

We conduct personal inspections of your property and carefully analyze its advantages and disadvantages with regard to its sale. We then work with you to develop possible measures for increasing the value and optimal presentation of the property, such as home staging or necessary repairs. In the process, we also discuss our market-driven valuation of your property to ensure realistic pricing.

Assignment and documents

Our assignment is based on transparency and a performance-based commission arrangement. We offer you our services within the framework of a brokerage contract. After a thorough review and examination of all sales documents and floor plans, we format them professionally for you and potential buyers in order to guarantee an optimal presentation.


Our photo service team will be happy to make an appointment with you to produce high-quality photos and videos of your property. Based on these photos we create a convincing exposé, which we publish on our homepage as well as on popular internet portals to present your property in the best possible way.


We carefully analyze your target group and use specific measures to address the appropriate potential buyers. Together with you, we develop a customized marketing strategy to optimally advertise your property and attract the attention of the right target group.



We use all relevant marketing channels to present your property in the best possible way. These include mailings and letters to our pool of prospective buyers, targeted direct approaches to individuals from our carefully maintained pool of prospective buyers, presentation on our homepage and on various online platforms, advertisements in print media, notices as well as newsletters and social media channels. We approach existing prospective buyers and also actively search for new potential customers who are a good match for your property. We keep you, the client, informed about the status of the marketing throughout the entire sales process and discuss suitable follow-up measures with you.

Viewing appointments

We identify people seriously interested in buying and arrange viewing appointments. We conduct these appointments in person, either in consultation with you as the client or with the tenants if the property is currently rented. Online viewing appointments are also possible at any time for investors who do not live in Munich.


We take over the negotiations between you as the client and the potential buyer with regard to the sales modalities. In doing so, we also support the buyers in financing and obtaining a financing commitment. Our goal is to facilitate a smooth process and an agreement satisfactory to all parties.

Conclusion of sale

The notarized sales contract is prepared in close coordination with you, the contracting parties and the notary. We attend the meetings and ensure that all relevant aspects are taken into account. In addition, we personally accompany you to the notary appointment to ensure that the contract is properly concluded. Our support extends throughout the entire process to ensure a smooth and successful conclusion of the purchase contract.


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The most important documents and records for the sale of an apartment in Munich

When selling an apartment in Munich, various documents and records are required. Here are the most important ones:

Land register extract

The extract from the land register contains information about the owner and the location of the property. It confirms that you are the legal owner of the apartment and gives potential buyers an overview of the legal situation.

Cadastral map

The cadastral map is the official proof of the existence and location of a property and forms the basis for the land register. It shows the exact division and position of a plot of land and its buildings. The cadastral map is of great importance for various legal and tax purposes, such as property tax assessment and transfer of ownership. It serves as an important reference for securing land rights and contributes to the legal security of land owners.

Energy certificate

The energy certificate provides information on the energy consumption and energy efficiency of the dwelling. Potential buyers can determine the energy quality of the apartment on the basis of the energy certificate.

Floor plan

A floor plan shows the exact layout of the rooms, the location of doors, windows and other important features. An informative floor plan helps potential buyers to better visualize the apartment.


Building plans and permits

If any alterations or renovations have been made to the property in the past, be sure to provide the relevant building plans and permits. This shows prospective buyers that all construction work has been carried out properly and has been approved.

Business plan and minutes of the owners' meeting

If the apartment is part of an owners' association, potential buyers will need information about the current business plan, reserves and any upcoming repairs. The minutes of the owners' meeting provide insight into important decisions and events within the community.

Purchase contract and handover protocol

The purchase contract is the legal document that regulates the sale of the apartment. A handover protocol is drawn up when the apartment is handed over and documents the condition of the apartment at the time of sale.

Documents on utility costs

Provide documentation on current utility costs, such as electricity, water and heating costs. This provides prospective buyers with information about the monthly costs associated with owning the apartment.

It is advisable to compile all required documents in a timely manner and ensure that they are complete, up-to-date and accurate. This will make the selling process easier and build up trust with potential buyers.


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Tips for the optimal presentation of your apartment: home staging, photos and exposé

In order to present your apartment in Munich in the best possible way, it is not enough to just carry out cosmetic repairs or clean the property.  There are many other measures that can be carried out to optimize the apartment so that it appeals to the right target group.

Home Staging

Home staging is an effective method to present your apartment in the best possible way and to attract potential buyers. Remove personal items such as family photos or personal decorations. This will help potential buyers better visualize how they might design the space themselves. Choose neutral colors and timeless décor to leave room for the buyer's imagination.

The right lighting also plays an important role. Make sure that the rooms look bright and open. Likewise, the furnishings matter. Choose furniture carefully and arrange it in a way that makes the most of the space. Avoid adding too much furniture and rather focus on an open and inviting space that highlights the potential of the apartment. If desired, you can consult with Mr. Lodge's experienced home staging and interior design team.


Photos play a crucial role in presenting your home, as they create the first impression and arouse the interest of potential buyers:inside. At Mr. Lodge, we recommend investing in professional photography to ensure that your home is presented in the best possible way. Experienced photographers know how to best capture the space and use good lighting and the right angle.

If you prefer to make the photos yourself, use natural light. Open curtains and blinds to let in as much light as possible. Avoid using flash, as it can create unnatural shadows. Photograph the rooms from different angles to give a comprehensive impression. Take both wide-angle shots for an overview and detailed shots of areas of interest.


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A well-designed exposé is crucial to arouse the interest of potential buyers for your apartment. Use a descriptive title that attracts the attention of the reader. Emphasize the best features of the property, such as location, size, or special amenities. Also, write a detailed description of your apartment, highlighting all the important information. Explain the room layout, amenities, special features and extras that make your apartment unique.

Include a floor plan of the apartment that clearly shows the room layout and dimensions. A floor plan helps potential buyers visualize how the apartment is laid out. Information on the area: Provide information about the apartment's location, such as proximity to public transportation, shopping, schools, or other important amenities. Potential buyers are often interested in the surrounding area and infrastructure as well.

Emphasize the special features of your apartment that set it apart from others on the market. These could be a balcony, a garden, a fireplace or high-quality materials. Highlight these points clearly in the description. Include information about the energy values of the apartment such as the energy certificate or information about the energy efficiency class. Also include information on utilities such as heating costs, operating costs or property tax.



Make sure that your contact details are clearly visible so that prospective buyers can reach you. Also provide information on viewing appointments or how they can make an appointment.

Frequently asked questions and answers about selling an apartment in Munich

How do I determine the right selling price for my apartment?

The right selling price depends on various factors such as location, size, condition and equipment of the apartment. It is advisable to carry out a professional property valuation to determine a realistic selling price.

How long does it take to sell an apartment in Munich?

The duration of the sales process can vary depending on the market situation and various individual factors. Generally, selling an apartment in Munich can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

What documents do I need to sell an apartment?

The most important documents include the excerpt from the land register, the declaration of partition, the energy certificate, the site plan or the cadastral map, the purchase contract and, if necessary, building permits.

How can I make potential buyers aware of my apartment?

There are several ways to make potential buyers aware of your apartment. These include using online real estate portals, placing ads in newspapers or magazines, putting up a for sale sign in front of the apartment, and working with a professional real estate agent who can use their network and marketing strategies.

Do I have to pay taxes on the sale of my apartment?

The tax implications of selling an apartment may depend on various factors, such as the period of use of the apartment and your individual tax status. It is advisable to consult a tax advisor to clarify the specific tax implications.


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The successful apartment sale: checklist and closing tips

  • Real Estate Valuation: Have your home appraised by a professional real estate agent:in to set a realistic selling price.
  • Select real estate agent:: Choose an experienced and reliable real estate agent who has a good knowledge of the Munich real estate market.
  • Gather documents: Gather all necessary documents such as land register excerpt, declaration of partition, energy certificate, site plan, purchase contract and building permits.
  • Present apartment: Prepare your apartment for viewings by keeping it clean, tidy and appealing. Also consider the concept of home staging to present the space in the best possible way.
  • Professional photos and exposé: Hire a professional photographer to take high-quality photos of your apartment. Create an appealing exposé that includes all important information and photos.
  • Marketing strategy: Work with your real estate agent to develop an effective marketing strategy to attract potential buyers. Use online real estate portals, advertisements, for-sale signs and targeted advertising.
  • Conduct viewings: Organize viewings and carry them out professionally. Present the apartment at its best and answer all questions of potential buyers.
  • Negotiations and purchase contract: If a potential buyer wants to buy your property, negotiate the selling price and the terms of the contract. Have an experienced lawyer assist you in drawing up the purchase contract.
  • Notary appointment: Arrange a notary appointment to legally conclude the purchase contract. Make sure that all necessary documents are available and resolve any open questions in advance.
  • Handover and contract execution: Organize the handover of the apartment to the buyer and take care of the necessary formalities, such as transfer of registration and keys.
  • Follow-up: After the sale, check whether all contractual conditions have been fulfilled and whether all open issues have been settled. Provide feedback to your real estate agent to evaluate the cooperation.

To successfully sell an apartment in Munich, it is best to be patient and flexible. The real estate market can sometimes be subject to change and it may take some time before you find a suitable buyer for your apartment. Be open to negotiation and possibly minor changes to the sale price or contract terms to complete the sale. Also, maintain good communication with your real estate agent to stay informed of the progress of negotiations and perhaps make any needed adjustments. With patience, flexibility and a well-planned strategy, the chances are good that you will be successful in selling your apartment.


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