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Waste Disposal in Munich

In Germany, waste separation is a top priority. To avoid non-recyclable waste, household waste must be separated. For this purpose there is the 3-bin system, various containers and recycling centers:

The 3 Bin System

Usually there are three different bins for ordinary household waste in the yard or basement.

BinWhat goes inside
Compost bin

For any compostable kitchen and garden waste:

Food waste (peels, food beyond its expiration date, old bread, etc.) coffee filters with ground coffee, teabags, leaves, flowers, grass, twigs and small branches, fruit small quantities of uncoated paper or sawdust from untreated wood, fish and meat in normal household quantities

NO compostable plastic bags or compostable cat litter, animal excrements must be disposed of separately
Paper bin

Paper, cardboard, newspapers, catalogues,
paper packaging

NO coated ppaer
NO toilet paper, napkins or tissues
Residual waste bin

For non-recyclable waste:

e.g. cigarette stubs, diapers, vacuum cleaner bags,
cat litter, sanitary items

How to separate your waste correctly: Download PDF


Everywhere in the city you will find large recycling containers in which you can dispose of the following waste

  • Glass (sorted by color – white, brown and green)
  • Plastics
  • Metal (i.e. cans, aluminum foil)
  • Old clothes and shoes

Reusable bottles have a deposit of about 15 cents and can be returned in supermarkets or beverage shops.

Recyclig centers [Wertstoffhöfe]

For larger quantities of waste or hazardous waste, there are recycling centers throughout the city. There you can hand in the following types of waste, among others:

  • Electric appliances, old metal, old clothes and shoes, bulky waste and larger amounts of cardboard, paper, packaging materials, garden waste and glass.

For old batteries, most supermarkets have a collection container near the checkout.

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