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Home Staging

Munich and Greater Area, Lake Tegernsee Region

There is no second chance for the first impression. Through the perfectly thought-out presentation, we give your home the necessary appeal. Gut feeling and positive emotions play a major role in the decision to buy. That is why only those who immediately feel comfortable in the property will consider purchasing it. Not many prospective buyers can imagine how appealing a property can look as long as it is not furnished. Professional home staging can create a welcoming atmosphere that makes it easier to imagine the new home. Let us explain how important professional home staging is for a successful real estate sale.


Adding value through home staging
We bring out the best in your property

From small optimizations to photo-friendly final decorations and even full (temporary) furnishings: Mr. Lodge supports real estate sellers through home staging. The goal is to optimize the property for future sale. Professional home staging can help achieve a higher sales price and/or a shorter sales period. On request, our experienced interior designers and consultants ensure the perfect presentation of the sales property.

Home staging
Different approaches for the visual improvement of your property

  • We temporarily place furniture and accessories
  • We optimize your existing furniture and equipment
  • We create a new ambiance by repositioning your furniture
  • We design by using wall colors and light accents
  • We decorate for the perfect photo presentation

Our special service for your real estate sale with Mr. Lodge: Up to a certain extent, this service is free of cost for you. A first-class service.

Our Services

  • Consulting
  • Planning
  • Organization (Disposal of existing furniture, new furniture, etc.)
  • Coordination of potentially necessary craftsman services
  • Implementation of the furnishing
  • Photo-friendly decoration
  • Cleaning service
  • Professional photo service for the online presentation

The required scope of the services depends on the size of the property and the existing furnishings. We would be happy to make you and individual offer. Your real estate agent for Munich and the surrounding area as well as the region of Lake Tegernsee and the surrounding areas.



Colors have a strong, mostly subconscious influence on our sense of well-being. They can make rooms appear larger or smaller and thus also affect us emotionally. When colors are combined that do not harmonize well with each other, it creates an unpleasant feeling. Our home staging experts ensure a harmonious and coherent color concept in the propterties rooms.



The right lighting and the use of different light sources is crucial for a successful presentation of the property. It highlights the assets and leaves an all-around friendlier impression on potential buyers.



An empty property can appear cold and uncomfortable. With matching furniture, home staging creates an inviting atmosphere. It becomes clear in vacant properties how much more inviting and friendly the rooms appear. Function and size also become more apparent.

Individual furnishing and color concepts
Selection and purchase of furniture and equipment
Selective staging of furniture, lighting etc.

Some before and after pictures for comparison

Zu sehen ist ein leerer Raum
Zu sehen ist ein eingerichtetes Schlafzimmer mit gemütlichem Bett, Vorhängen und schönen Lampen

Zu sehen ist ein leerer Raum mit Parkettboden.
Der Raum wurde mit einer gemütlichen Couch und einem Esstisch ausgestattet.

Zu sehen ist ein leeres Zimmer mit Fenster und Heizung.
Das Zimmer wurde mit einer gemütlichen Leseecke eingerichtet.
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Evelyne Lelowski
Head of Interior Design

Contact person
Evelyne Lelowski
Head of Interior Design
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