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Please note that the minimum rental period is usually three to six months.
Please note that the minimum rental period is usually three to six months.

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Photo & video service
In order to present your property in the best possible way, our photographer will take pictures of your home. This service is mandatory and free of charge. For more information visit: photo & video service
Please note: The rights for the photos and videos are reserved for Mr. Lodge GmbH.

Important Information:
The apartment should be equipped in the same condition as the apartment will be rented out. The surfaces of kitchen and bathroom should be empty. If possible new towels should be placed in the bathroom, as these rooms are smaller and the details are decisive for the pictures. The apartment should be generally tidy for the photographer. Only then it is possible to illustrate your apartment representatively and will lead to an effective rent out of the apartment.

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An order confirmation by Mr. Lodge GmbH is required for the brokerage order to become effective. You will only be charged, if the property is rented to a prospective tenant found by Mr. Lodge GmbH. If no rental agreement is concluded, the order will remain free of charge.

Mr. Lodge GmbH and SCHUFA
I hereby authorize Mr. Lodge GmbH to collect SCHUFA information about potential tenants. Mr. Lodge GmbH has concluded herfore a contract with SCHUFA.
In return, I am obliged to report to Mr. Lodge GmbH for the purpose of forwarding the information to SCHUFA following from the information Mr.Lodge GmbH obtained from the mediated tenants:

  • outstanding claims against the tenant to an effective dismissal. § 543 paragraph 2, No. 3 BGB and § 569 paragraph 3 BGB or because of late payments according to § 573 paragraph 2, No. 1 BGB
  • the settlement or compensation from those legally enforceable claims against the tenant which were reported to SCHUFA.

Processing or use of the information I gave to Mr. Lodge GmbH for purposes other than the purposes expressly indicated is impossible. Mr. Lodge GmbH frees me from all claims that are made out of a non-specified purposes, the appropriate processing and use against me.

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