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    Information about the internet is very important information for prospective tenants. Internet access is one of the most important criteria when looking for an apartment/a house. The internet should already be available upon first occupancy.

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Photo & video service

In order to present your property in the best possible way, our photographer will take pictures of your home. This service is mandatory and free of charge. For more information visit: Photo & video service
The photos will be published on and the real estate portals, Immoscout24 and Immowelt. Please note: The rights for the photos and videos are reserved for Mr. Lodge GmbH.

Preparing the apartment / house:

The apartment should be equipped in the same condition as it will be rented. The surfaces of the kitchen and bathroom should be empty. If possible, new towels should be placed in the bathroom, as these rooms are smaller and details are important for the photos. The apartment should be tidied up for the photo appointment. This ensures that we can present your property the best way possible and successfully rent it.

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An order confirmation by Mr. Lodge GmbH is required for the brokerage order to become effective. You will only be charged, if the property is rented to a prospective tenant found by Mr. Lodge GmbH. If no rental agreement is concluded, the order will remain free of charge.

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