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Sublet in Munich

We provide fast, competent, and uncomplicated support.

You are looking for a sublet or short-term rental in Munich, because you are starting a new job, working on a project in the city, or because your own apartment is still being built or renovated – We provide fast, competent, and uncomplicated support.

Quick Search in Munich and surrounding area
Quick Search in Munich and surrounding area

What is temporary rental?

When you are looking for sublets and furnished accommodation in Munich – for example, because you are starting a new job or internship or because your new apartment won’t be finished in time – you will need an apartment for short-term rental or sublet. Usually, this temporary rental or sublet should be available at short notice and come fully furnished and equipped.

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Who offers sublets and short-term rentals?

Usually, sublets are offered by main tenants who won’t use their apartment for an extended period of time, due to personal or work-related reasons. Some furnished apartments for short-term rental are also offered directly by the property owners.

Mr. Lodge will help you find temporary accommodation that’s right for you!

We will search quickly and efficiently for a suitable sublet or furnished apartment in Munich. We offer an extensive range of properties with varying rental terms and flexible rental periods. All apartments can be viewed online without commitment.

Compulsory registration and short-term rental

If you want to stay in your sublet or short-term rental apartment for more than two months or if you are giving up your other residence, you will have to register/report a change in address within one week. You can do this in person at the KVR Bürgerbüro (Residence Registration Office) at Ruppertstraße 19 in Munich, or via mail. All important information can be found on the official website for the city of Munich

Need help moving? – Relocation services

Moving often requires a great deal of organization and logistics. A relocation company in Munich can assist you with questions concerning administrative formalities, finding suitable schools for your children, or finding a job for your partner. An overview of reputable companies can be found here.

Temporary rental in Munich

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