Positive ratings from satisfied tenants are the best recommendation

„They listen to and take care of almost each and every request throughout the whole process, i.e. from the moment you express interest til you finally move in. As a customer you are very likely to feel appreciated and satisfied! : )“
(224-02-07 - Google)

„I'm thoroughly impressed with this agency's forward-thinking approach. Their digital check-in and online document handling are leaps ahead of the standard real estate market. Their support is exceptional, making the entire process smooth and efficient. Highly recommend for a modern, hassle-free experience.“
(2024-01-24 - eKomi)

„Mr. Lodge makes finding an apartment easy.“
(2023-11-09 - eKomi)

„Very accommodating.

I asked around at different agencies and relocation services to help me find an apartment for my master's study. Mr Lodge was the only one eager to help, they advised me about the market, and statutory requirements. They helped me search for and secure an apartment though I was overseas. I knew I could rely on their friendly, efficient and informative service throughout the process till my handover.“
(2023-10-12 - Google)

„Very responsive and helpful. The listing was exactly as described. Would recommend for anyone who is looking to take up accommodation prior to relocating to Munich. “
(2023-09-22 - Google)

„Great attention to any requirements & information needed.“
(2023-08-18 - eKomi)

„They were quick to respond. The moving-in process was smooth, and the handover protocol was professionally done.“
(2023-07-16 - eKomi)

„I was afraid to rent my apartment at first because I could not see it before signing the contract and paying for the deposit as I was living in Denmark at the time. However, it was all very smooth and clear. The apartment was as per the description and all comunication with Mr Lodge has been very accessible. I for sure recomend renting an apartment with them as a starter to have some firm ground when moving to Munich.“
(2023-06-26 - Google)

„Everything was great, a very smooth process!“
(2023-04-14 at 10:17 - eKomi)

„We found our flat in Munich with the support of Mr. Lodge customer service in a very short time. We appreciate the way they are working profesionally . After hiring the flat they kept supporting us with the water heating problems and sent the service immediatly to solve it. Thank you Mr.Lodge for all your support you provide us which made our move to Munich feel comfortable.“
(2023-04-07 at 14:46 - eKomi)

  •
    „It is perfect for me. Perfect location, high quality furniture, the landlord is very friendly and moreover, I find it very easy to get in contact with the landlord in case I need help.“
    (2023-03-30 at 20:15 - eKomi)

    „I want with this review to describe my personal experience after renting an apartment through MrLodge during the second semester of 2022. The price was decent regarding the service of MrLodge and the quality of the apartment. My apartment was at Perchastraße, in a recently constructed building. It was clean, safe, quiet, spacious, thermally insulated, very warm during freezing temperatures of December (down to -14 Celsius during the night), cool during the warmer months of summer. It had a great view of a quiet green garden and a wonderful balcony. All home appliances and furniture were like new and well preserved. The most important thing was the customer support of MrLodge team, they were professional and everyone I interacted with, spoke English fluently, making my life easier since I was not a fluent German speaker and felt safer communicating in English. The contract was clear, detailed, in both German and English, without hidden charges. Previous reviews made me hesitant to use Mrlodge services because some of them mentioned problems regarding the refund of deposits to the tenants. My contract ended on 30th of December 2022 and after 3 days, on January 2nd of 2023, I received the deposit refund in my bank account! My landlord was helpful throughout my 6 months stay in the apartment, very polite, always replying to my messages and I wish I could have met her in person. I even referred a colleague of mine (who would succeed me for the next semester in Munich) to my landlord as the next potential tenant for the apartment and she politely refused and asked me to refer him to Mrlodge instead. Such services form companies like Mrlodge and the landlords they choose to cooperate with, should be praised for their quality. I have nothing negative to report. I am grateful for the integrity and professionalism of both my landlord and MrLodge employees. I recommend them 100%. Thank you for your services. I wish you the best for the future!!!!“
    (2023-01-06 - Google)

    „We had a great experience in finding a rental home in Munich working with Mr. Lodge.
    Great service, very quick response and professionalism.
    We had an online viewing of the flat and now we moved in and it's all great.“
    (2022-10-08 - Google)

    „I already contacted my provider for thank her for her assistance. Finding accommodation in Munich can be really hard sometimes. Through Mr. Lodge everything ran smoothly.“
    (2022-10-06 at 08:51 - eKomi)

    „When we booked accomodation in Munich it was handled very well. Good service received. They kept us in the loop at all times. Even after moving in they check to see if you are happy and that the handover off the apartment was in order. Would strongly recommend them. Will make use if there services again. Excellent rental company in Munich Germany“
    (2022-08-21 - Google)

    „Was an amazing experience to move in the new apartment with the help of Mr. Lodge. Everything was smooth and quick. The service is really amazing“
    (2022-08-02 - Google)

    „Thanks to Mr. Lodge that provide me chance to land in Munich really smoothly! Hope all of you all the best and wish you a bright future !“
    (2022-07-05 at 21:12 - eKomi)

    „Mr. Lodge and in particular, the customer consultant, was great! Considering all the stresses that are involved with moving countries made everything stress free from an accommodation aspect. Everything from quick response time, signing of contracts and key handover was all smooth and easy. Thank you so much for all of your assistance and answering all of my questions! highly recommend Mr. Lodge!“
    (2022-04-06 at 09:30 - eKomi)

    „Being completely new to Munich and the culture of this beautiful city, I was excited and nervous as getting an apartment seems quite a task. To my rescue was Mr. Lodge a hassle free service, the staff is very friendly and supportive. They are their to accommodate any genuine request. I would specially like to thank Ms Fabiani , she has been a great help.
    Thank you Mr. Lodge .“
    (2022-03-23 at 08:41 - eKomi)

    „Excellent service and support through the application process and the key handover. Mr. Lodge is, probably, the best and easiest way to find an apartment in Munich.“
    (2022-02-22 at 13:43 - eKomi)

    „Looking for an apartment was truly difficult until I started using Mr. Lodge, i found a perfect apartment that accommodates all my needs and the representative helping me was very useful and helpful throughout the whole process. She cleared any and all doubts me and my roommate had and truly facilitated the whole process and communication with the landlord. Thanks for all the help!!“
    (2022-01-21 at 11:22 - eKomi)

    „Can we have Mr. Lodge in every major city on this planet?:) I recently moved to Munich and entire process was smooth. It is expensive but foreginer like me , getting aparment in city like Munich without even visting it is like searching for Unicorn. Special thanks to Karolina for being patient and responsive and making sure every problem gets resolved. Hotel ?Trivago , Accomodation? Mr. Lodge.“
    (2022-01-17 - Google)

    „I appreciated the fact that the office is reactive with phone cals, that's really a strength. Also, I appreciated that the flat is rented exactly as pictures show (every single details).“
    (2021-12-06 at 11:00 - eKomi)

    „I have been really impressed with the service provided. From initial contact to final finding of an apartment on a very timely fashion I cannot fault the service. All requests and questions were responded to in a prompt manner and every part of the service was first class. From arriving in Munich and finding an apartment in two weeks - most of my colleagues don’t believe. Thank you Mr. Lodge for superior service.“
    (2021-12-05 at 20:39 - eKomi)

    „The Mr. Lodge’s service is outstanding - they were very helpful throughout the whole rental process and helped us find great apartment!“
    (2021-11-07 at 21:19 - eKomi)

    „Mr. Lodge provided us with excellent service and guidance during our search for an apartment in München. I would recommend Mr. Lodge to anyone who is in the same situation!“
    (2021-10-17 at 20:32 - eKomi)

    „I have 8 months experience with Mr. Lodge. I was impressed with excellent work, very professional !!! I used to live and work abroad for 4 years - in Germany (Weimar, Erlangen, Eching and Oberschleissheim), UK, USA, Japan and can tell you that there was no a real estate employee who could compare with Mr. Lodge Staff! They really take care of their customers very warmly! If I have a choice I would work only with them again!“
    (2021-09-29 at 00:21 - eKomi)

    „I have booked my first accommodation in Munich with Mr. Lodge. I can say that they are the best service I ever got in Germany.
    They answered my booking request and emails very fast. Also they assisted me during the rental process very well.
    I never thought that they will be in touch after the handover of the apartment and surprisingly, I received a very war welcoming email from them after my arrival.
    All the communication are in English which I am more comfortable with and also an English version for the rental contract.
    Mr. Lodge manages to give you all the necessary information for settling in Munich, which is a great help when you have no clue where to start.
    They also provide all the necessary forms for official procedures for address registration and else.
    I also can mention the flat that I have booked, is even better than its photos and very comfortable and feels like home from the very first second I step in.
    Also my landlord is quite a nice person and speaks English very well.
    I think I covered everything. I'm sure you will have a great experience with Mr. Lodge.“
    (2021-08-03 - Google)

    „Mr. Lodge's staff has acted very professionally in every moment, since the first contact to schedule a viewing appointment until the handover process. Even when we got to the handover appointment, a representative was since earlier than the time photographing and documenting every potential problem for the report. A few additions sent by us have also been rapidly taken care of. I must say we are very satisfied with Mr. Lodge's services and would highly recommend them for newcomers in the city looking for temporary accommodation“
    (2021-07-30 at 10:30 - eKomi)

    „I have used Mr Lodge services twice already and everything was perfect as always. The agents are very responsive, everything is in English, apartment viewings are arranged without any issue, they advise on every step and support you throughout and helping you to find something within your budget and preference. My agent was spotless, highly professional and supportive. Highly recommended!“
    (2021-06-29 at 09:56 - eKomi)

    „I really recommend Mr. Lodge. They helped me a lot with finding what I was really looking for and they were very patient with me, as I was really picky when choosing my apartment. Furthermore, they speak perfect English, so if you are a foreigner and you do not speak German so far - they are the right people.“
    (2021-05-07 - Google)

    „Mr. Lodge helped me throughly during a very chaotic situation. I moved to Germany during the pandemic from South America and I couldn't have asked for better assistance in articulating everything with the landlords. Clear instructions and contracts, great apartment selection and very friendly and fast employees.

    All I can is thank you very much for providing a great service to me and my family. I can only recommend the company to other friends.“
    (2021-04-26 at 19:43 - eKomi)

    „The use of Mr. Lodge has several great benefits.
    1) First of all, the communication with the staff was achieved in English, with fast and kind responses.
    2) Second, the process from the determination of the room to the signature of the contract was so fast. This will be partly because I had my own printer and scanner that enabled us to soon prepare the signed form of a contract paper. Nevertheless, the fast process within us was amazing.
    3) Well-furnished room is very nice. My current room is much better than typical hotels, and therefore, is suitable for my work.
    4) Besides, the utility costs are also included in the monthly fee. The room is warm even in the severe winter.
    Thus, everything was excellent to me.“
    (2021-02-07 at 20:36 - eKomi)

    „Professional + ontime!
    I recommend their service to everyone.
    They helped me with choosing the best option and I could reach out to them at anytime + they promptly reply to all your requests everytime.“
    (2021-01-03 - Google)

    „I am very satisfied with Mr. Lodge services. The apartment is exactly as it appears on the the photos on the website. It was handed to me completely clean. My consultant is very responsive and always answers all my questions. THEY SPEAK ENGLISH which can be really helpful.“
    (2020-10-22 at 22:29 - eKomi)

    „As a foreign student who cannot speak german, Mr. Lodge was one of the few ways I could find a place to stay in Munich. However, even without this, I would have chosen to use Mr. Lodge. It has been so helpful and supportive, and a wide range of choices all around Munich gave me a pleasant surprise through the journey for searching for a house. I highly recommend this amazing real estate platform for people who will move to Munich later.“
    (2020-09-20 at 18:22 - eKomi)

    „This is sent for folks who are moving from another country. The locations and the condition of the apartments are great. The staff from Mr. Lodge are so good that you don't need to exert any stress on yourself. Thank you!!“
    (2020-08-02 at 20:57 - eKomi)

    „The customer advisor was very kind and available to help me with all my requirements and questions. She helped me a lot to rent the apartment in a short time.“
    (2020-07-17 at 19:52)

    „A pain free and streamlined experience from finding the apartment to getting the keys.“
    (2020-06-05 at 12:29)

    „Amazing customer service. Brilliant for people coming from around the world. Hassle free and always there for you to help.“
    (2020-05-28 at 11:53)

    „Very smooth move in, everything was better than what I was expecting and I'm having a great time in my new home, thank you.“
    (2020-04-15 at 11:53 - eKomi)

    „Contact person from Mr.Lodge is always kind and helpful. Communication with me was so good and very smooth with quick responces. I am very happy about the service that I received from Mr.Lodge.
    I found the apartment exactly as it is posted in the Mr.Lodge web site and all the information written in the post is matching.“
    (2020-03-11 at 21:32 - eKomi)

    „Mr. Lodge is the ideal partner for foreigners who are new in Germany and want to find a furnished apartment in Munich fast. They offer full service in English. Helped me find the ideal apartment in a few days.“

    „I highly recommend Mr.Lodge office for people seeking an apartment especially for foreigners who don’t speak German. Staff are so professional and helpful in terms of assisting you until you find a proper apartment. Above all, dealing with trusty landlord and responding quickly to any request are highly appreciated.“
    (2020-01-23 Google)

    „Very professional team and addresses an expat or foreign resident with a friendly and patient response. My personal experience has been amazing, where contrary to the general belief from past experience from my colleagues and friends, I had a smooth transactions in finding an apartment of my choice and needs; elegancy and price. If permitted I could have called out the name of the person who interacted with me during the entire episode, but because of privacy I can't. However, I presume the entire Mr. Lodge's team are professional, friendly and helpful.“
    (2019-12-05 at 12:03)

    „Mr. Lodge Staff is very professional and helpful with their services. They were fast with their replies and managed to address all my questions. An apartment looked exactly the same way it was described and it was as very smooth transaction. Mr. Lodge showed high level of service & professionalisms. Highly recommend to anyone looking for fully furnished apartments or who is new in town“
    (2019-11-17 at 21:03)

    „Very fast and clear process of renting an amazing apartment. Very good experience.“
    (2019-10-20 at 20:02)

    „Actually I like my new place and I’m enjoying it greatly. Definitely, I will rate Mr.Lodge highly.
    Thank you very much for helping, Mr. Lodge gave me good choices based on the parameters I gave. This apartment was actually a recommendation, last minute it came and I took it even without any viewing. I just based it on the photos on the website and the assurance from Mr. Lodge. It was a good decision!“
    (2019-08-06 at 16:47)

    „The service is very professional and competent. The team helped me find an apartment in more or less one week, they have showed me some options and I relied on them to guide all the process. Definitely would use Mr Lodge services again.“
    (2019-06-13 at 08:39)

    „Everything was great. Everybody in the company is ready to help. With the help of Mr. Lodge I managed to find a flat for less than 1.5 weeks, which is really good for Munich.“
    (2019-06-06 at 20:33)

    „I am fully satisfied will Mr. Lodge services, will definitely recommend it to my friends. Big thanks to Mr. Lodge, it helped us a lot.“
    (2019-05-09 at 20:03)

    „We had a very pleasant experience with Mr.Lodge from the beginning. All queries were promptly responded and had a very professional interaction throughout. We would recommend Mr.Lodge for people who are searching for houses currently in Munich.“
    (2019-04-14 at 12:30)

    „I have no words to describe how happy we were with the service provided by Mr. Lodge. The team went above and beyond to help us find the perfect apartment. The service is simply outstanding. We would never hesitate to recommend Mr. Lodge to any expats looking for short term accommodation in Munich. Thank you.“
    (2019-03-10 at 20:40)

    „Probably the best real estate company in Munich, with fantastic furnished houses and prompt and dedicated customer service! It was recommended to me by a friend of mine and will deffinitely recommend to everyone relocating in Munich.“
    (2019-02-05 at 00:02)

    „Mr. Lodge is the most reliable agency to get an apartment in Munich. They are flexible and professional. Also they are one of the only agencies where you can find a fully furnished apartment!“
    (2019-01-08 at 12:56)

    „Hello, During my move duration, your team helped me so much to process my new apartment's contract and as well as all other paper works in a quick way. They answered me always quickly when I have a question which is exceptional in Germany :) Thanks for all your help.“
    (2018-12-05 at 20:58)

    „I was impressed by the thoroughness of the person who did a handover, that's a true professional! I also had a great experience talking with a consultant, who was promptly replying, organizing viewing, answering questions and overall was super helpful. Great service, best in the field!“
    (2018-11-05 at 11:59)
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