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Perfect service! All the questions were instantly answered. Will definitely recommend to all who just looking for a flat in Munich to start from. (2019-11-13 at 18:57)

Excellent team and professionalism. We received a personal attitude, attention to details and great service. Thanks to Mr. Lodge! (2019-10-15 - Google)

Very well organized and managed everything. We got our apartment through Mr. Lodge and everything were scheduled and handed over properly. (2019-10-14 at 10:54)

Temporary accommodation in popular Munich neighborhoods

Who rents through Mr. Lodge?

Norbert Verbücheln: A wide range of people. Many people come to Munich from abroad for their jobs and choose us because we offer them the kind of flexibility they need in a new city. Our multilingual team in particular is a big plus for international clients. Freelancers and companies with project employees in Munich also like to use our service - without commission for the tenants.

For how long can an apartment be rented through Mr. Lodge?

Norbert Verbücheln: That depends on how long someone wants to rent it. Some only rent through us for a few months until their project work is finished or they have found another apartment. Others spend years in the fully furnished apartments.

Where are these furnished apartments located?

Norbert Verbücheln: Our properties are mostly centrally located. Whether it’s Lehel, Schwabing, Maxvorstadt, Isarvorstadt, or Glockenbachviertel: Mr. Lodge apartments are located where many people want to live. 

How does it differ from a hotel?

Norbert Verbücheln: Furnished apartments offer many advantages compared to hotels. They feel more personal and not as anonymous. They are more spacious and offer privacy. At Mr. Lodge we have over 200 temporary rental offers available on short notice, ranging from studio apartments to houses. Our offers include many unique apartments that meet the most diverse needs.

Is furnished rental the housing form of the future?

Norbert Verbücheln: Indeed, due to lifestyle changes, the demand for furnished accommodation has grown in recent years. In general, people are more mobile and don’t spend their entire lives in the same place. However, those looking to settle down long-term still search for traditional unfurnished apartments. Our concept is geared to temporary use and thus towards a specific clientele. That is what makes our work so special and we are always happy when our customers feel completely at ease in their temporary home.

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Temporary living in Munich: Move in and feel at home immediately

You may have experienced this situation before: you finally found your dream job or got accepted at your favorite  university in another city.

Within just a few weeks everything needs to be organized, which can be quite stressful.  Apartments are difficult to find and the whole moving process can be very challenging. Furnishing the new place, coordinating different handymen, getting internet access – moving into a new place does cost a lot of time and money. Moving into a temporary and furnished apartment however, will make your life much easier. Everything is in place and ready for you, so that you can focus on your new job or studies exclusively. Our apartments are completely furnished and equipped with all the items you may need. And there are further advantages. Being new to Munich means you might not know  which neighborhood offers the best quality of living for yourself.  Furthermore, a lot of companies only offer full-time employment after a 6-month probationary period.  You don´t want to sign a long-term-lease-agreement if it is after all not the right job for you and you have to move again.

Mr. Lodge is the leading agency for temporary furnished rentals.  We offer a wide variety, from apartments to family houses in the countryside. Most apartments offered are centrally located  in Lehel, Schwabing, Glockenbachviertel, or  Maxvorstadt.  Additionally,  the online exposé with numerous photos and videos provides a detailed view of the property. You can view the apartment online and find all the essential information regarding equipment and the neighborhood, as well as further important details about the property. This service is commission-free for tenants.

Our international  team of 80 employees speaks 16 different  languages and is happy to assist you at any time, whether you are a tenant or a landlord.