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Continuity rather than misuse of residential property

Furnished rentals – with a minimum rental period of 6 months

Tourist metropolises such as Munich, Berlin and Paris have been suffering for years from the conversion of unfurnished apartments into vacation rentals. The cities are taking massive action against this. The misuse of residential properties is an important issue for the city of Munich as well. While rental periods of 3 months or more were previously tolerated, the city of Munich now sanctions rental periods of less than 6 months as misuse of residential property. It only permits renting to tourists for up to 2 months per year. Since the second quarter of 2018, Mr. Lodge has distanced itself even more from the concept of these short-time rentals.

For more than 10 years we have not offered apartments with a minimum rental period of less than 3 months. In April 2018 we raised this period to 6 months so that the landlords are on the safe side with their tenancies and do not come into conflict with the city of Munich. With this offer we are addressing prospective tenants who want to rent apartments or houses in the medium and long term. This has been in line with core demand for years. So far, around 90% of the brokerages have been for rental periods of 6 months or more. 80% of the core demand was between 6 and 12 months.

Who rents through Mr. Lodge?

Our company primarily offers services to people who work in Munich for medium- and long-term periods. Consultants, project managers –or expats from abroad. Increasingly, it is people in their probationary period who do not yet know whether they will be hired after moving to Munich or whether they want to stay. In all cases it is exhausting and expensive to find a rental apartment. Furnished and equipped apartments are the preferred choice.

What does Mr. Lodge want?

We want to offer landlords the opportunity to rent out their apartments flexibly. At the same time, our offer is aimed specifically at skilled personnel. If they are staying in Munich for 6 to 36 months, they do not want to live in a hotel because it is too expensive and impersonal. At the same time, it would be far too expensive to rent an apartment for a year and furnish it completely. The Ready-to-Live concept is the perfect solution for them and our analyses also show that this is the right approach.

Advantages for you as a landlord

On the one hand, our rental concept offers landlords greater continuity, since tenants often extend their rental contracts if, for example, their project takes longer or they are hired after the probationary period and want to take their time looking for other accommodation. At the same time you remain flexible with your capital investment.

We are here to help!

We are available throughout the entire tenancy and we will help you: If you have questions or problems with the rental, you can always contact us. We're here to help! We also keep in touch with the tenant and act as a mediator, when necessary.

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Lisa Hessner
Head of Landlord Advisory Service