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Are you looking for real estate in Munich, or do you wish to rent out or sell your proeprty? The Mr. Lodge real estate agents are experienced brokers and can advise and support you in your endeavor.

This is absolutely necessary in Munich. After all, the real estate market in our city is constantly changing. Benefit from our many years of market experience.

We advise owners and sellers on what to do in the current market situation, value the property and determine a fair market price. Before marketing, we obtain all the necessary documents and prepare them carefully.

The Mr. Lodge real estate agents are also the right people to contact if you are looking for a property in Munich. Whether you're looking to buy or rent on a temporary basis - we will find the right offer for you.

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With over 30 years of experience on the Munich real estate market Mr. Lodge is your competent real estate agent in Munich and market leader for furnished rentals.

You benefit from an extensive service portfolio: We offer expert on-site property valuation, individual home staging for sales properties, professional interior design for furnished rentals, a technical service team for reparis, as well as an outstanding presentation of the properties through high-quality photography and video footage. A multi-lingual team is on hand to help finding a suitable property quickly and easily - for rent or to buy.

Satisfied customers about Mr. Lodge

„My experience could not have gone any smoother. I moved into the apartment on the first day I arrived in the country, and everything was as expected. I am very satisfied.“

„Mr. Lodge is simply perfect for brokering furnished properties. My ad was online for 2 days and I already had a tenant. The staff were very friendly and helpful. The photographer also did a great job. All in all, I would highly recommend them.“

„I am very satisfied with the service and the quality of your houses.“
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Real estate - market report for Munich


Our regular market report is intended to provide a general overview and help you to form your own impression of market developments and the general data on the Munich real estate market.

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Selling real estate in Munich

In order to successfully sell your property in Munich, you need a high level of market knowledge. With our real estate agents in Munich, you benefit from years of sales experience in the Munich real estate market. Find out more about our successful concept, precise property valuations and our long-term support, even after a successful sale.

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Real estate prices

Developments in the real estate market are often complex and challenging for owners, especially when it comes to determining the value of their own property. However, an accurate understanding of this value is crucial, whether for selling or financial planning. It forms the basis for informed decisions and helps you determine the best selling price.

Read more about real estate prices in Munich here.

What is your property worth?

Real estate valuation in Munich

When it comes to real estate valuation in Munich, you benefit from the fact that Mr. Lodge has always had a finger on the pulse of the Munich real estate market for many years. Our experienced real estate agents know exactly what prices are realistic for selling or renting in Munich. Find out more about how Mr. Lodge assesses properties and what to look out for so that your property does not become a shelf warmer.

Real Estate Valuation

Real Estate Prices Munich

The real estate market in Munich is highly sought-after. As a result, prices have only gone in one direction in recent years: upwards. However, property prices have recently fallen for the first time in a long time due to the rapid rise in interest rates. It remains to be seen whether this is just a breather or if this trend will continue in the coming months

Current price developments

Rent out real estate in Munich

The Mr. Lodge real estate agents are experienced professionals, when it comes to renting out your property. The main aim here is to find a suitable tenant for your property. All prospective tenants are carefully checked by us in advance. We look not only at creditworthiness, but also at whether the tenant fits in with the social composition of the building. We only carry out viewings with these prospective tenants. 

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Contact us, we will be happy to help:

Dr. Cornelia Koronakis
Dr. Cornelia Koronakis
Real Estate Sales Consultant
+49 89 340 823-546

How long have you been working in the real estate sector? Why did you decide to work in the real estate sector?
I have been working in the real estate sector since 2004. After my maternity leave I worked as a graduate lawyer at the Technical University. Afterwards I was in charge of various projects in an advertising agency and then came to the real estate sector through a relocation agency. Before I joined Mr. Lodge, I worked as a freelance real estate agent for property developers as well as for individual properties. I have been working at Mr. Lodge since 2017 and I feel very comfortable here.

What is it that you like most about your job?
The variety of properties and the contact to people. Because our company is international we also deal with many English-speaking customers, which I like very much.

What sets Mr. Lodge apart?
The great thing about Mr. Lodge is the entire background with photo service and interior design teams, as well as the friendly and supportive colleagues.

How do you like to spend your time outside of work?
I have a large garden, as well as a field with vegetables and fruits. So I spend a lot of time gardening outside. But I also enjoy sports, especially Chi Gong and belly dancing. Time with my family and friends is very important to me.

Have you personally bought or sold a property?
Yes, I bought my own 5-room apartment where I lived. The first sale was my own house, this is how I started out in the real estate sector.

What does your dream property look like?
A cottage or an apartment by the water, a lake, a river or preferably by the sea, but perhaps also in the mountains.

Edda Pucher
Edda Pucher
Real Estate Sales Consultant
+49 89 340 823-544

How long have you been working in the real estate sector?
Over 25 years.

What is it that you like most about your job?
The diverse range of properties and the people you meet.

What sets Mr. Lodge apart?
The all-inclusive service package of our technical service, photo department etc. All the support that Mr. Lodge offers is particularly convenient for sales.

How do you like to spend your time outside of work?
Mountain biking in the summer, ski tours in the winter.

Selina Bilsing
Selina Bilsing
Real Estate Sales Consultant
+49 89 340 823-547

How long have you been working in the real estate industry?
After obtaining my vocational diploma, it was clear to me that I would prefer an apprenticeship to studying. Since I have always been particularly interested in real estate, I decided relatively early on to train as a real estate agent. I completed my training at a real estate agency in Munich from 2016 onwards. After that, I started my first full-time job in the furnished rental and property management of a large real estate company. At the same time, I first completed my real estate specialist diploma at night school and then my trainer's license at the IHK. After working for the same real estate company for a while, I wanted to return to sales and applied to Mr. Lodge.

What do you particularly like about your job?
I really like the variety between office and field work as well as the close contact with customers. I think it's great to meet so many different and interesting people, and I get excited about beautiful properties. It is fascinating to see how every sale is different, not least because of the people behind it. Dealing with the most diverse problems and finding solutions is a lot of fun for me. In general, I have always found the subject of real estate exciting, and there are always interesting topics.

What sets Mr. Lodge apart for you?
From the customer's point of view, Mr. Lodge stands out because of its all-round service, its many years of experience and its good communication. The all-round service only works so well because we coordinate well internally. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including after-sales rental, technical service, interior design service and, really, everything the customer could possibly want. For me as an employee, Mr. Lodge is characterized by the fact that the atmosphere is family-like and everyone is very helpful. People always help each other out and you can turn to anyone if you have any questions. The communication between the departments is good and the customer notices that.

What would your dream property look like?
My classic dream would be a house in the country, regardless of whether it's a new building or a nice old house that you can fix up. Nice and bright, with big windows, lots of peace and quiet, and a nice plot of land.

What do you like best about Munich?
Munich is simply a beautiful city with a village character. It offers a lot of cultural & leisure activities, but also a lot of green spaces when the city hustle and bustle becomes too exhausting. You get the feeling that you live in the city and in the countryside at the same time and are out of the city incredibly quickly in the mountains and lakes. I also like the people of Munich and Bavaria; they're just nice people.

Petra Berger
Petra Berger
Branch Office Manager
In Tegernsee Office
+49 8022 981 31-1

How long have you been in the real estate industry? How did you get into the real estate industry?
With almost 40 years of experience in the hotel and tourism industry, most recently 15 years at Tegernseer Tal Tourismus GmbH, I have always enjoyed finding temporary homes for guests. In recent years, I have also been responsible for the area of settlement management. I successfully connected potential investors with prospective buyers or operators. So it was obvious for me to move into the exciting field of real estate services and to train as a real estate agent and valuation expert IHK. Through my job as branch manager for Mr.Lodge in Rottach-Egern, a professional dream came true for me.

What do you like most about Mr. Lodge?
The trusting, free, good, but above all productive working atmosphere, the lived "together and for each other", the open acceptance into an international team and finally the exciting field of activity with daily new challenges.

Have you bought or sold real estate privately?
Yes, privately my husband and I have bought an older 70s row end house on the Tegernsee, which we have renovated and embellished over many years in self-effort. Our home has been christened with the affectionate name "Squeeze Villa".

How would you describe your private living style?
I would describe our style of living as " country - modern - cozy ".

What do you like to do outside of work?
My passion has become Lake Garda, in addition to the many opportunities offered by the Tegernsee vacation region. Here I enjoy the Italian life, the delicious Italian specialties, the weekly markets and playing golf in mild temperatures. A good book to relax is also never to be scoffed at.

Alexander Thamm
Alexander Thamm
Customer Service
+49 8022 981 31-2

What profession did you learn?

I have learned several professions. First, I trained as an automotive salesman and worked at a car dealership for 7 years. Then I graduated from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce as an insurance specialist and worked at Allianz until 2015. After that, I switched to the real estate industry and have now been with Mr. Lodge since 2021.

What sets Mr. Lodge apart for you?

The successful cooperation of the individual teams in order to serve the customer in the best possible way. The properties are well prepared for the customer from A to Z and all the necessary documents are gathered in advance. The colleagues work goal-oriented with a sound knowledge and no utopian prices are requested, but down-to-earth, normal prices. All customers are served the same way and each customer is offered something suitable, or we look for appropriate alternatives.

What would your dream property look like?

A spacious single-family house with a nice big garden, because I have discovered gardening for myself. I come from Hausham and the proximity to the Tegernsee offers me an enormous recreational value with the proximity to the mountains and lakes. The house should ideally be built in a typical Bavarian country house style with modern interior furnishings and nice big rooms for the kids.

What do you like best about Lake Tegernsee?

The proximity to the mountains and the many recreational opportunities such as hiking, biking and swimming. But I also love the proximity to Munich & the surrounding area, both can be reached very quickly.

Hobbies or hidden talents?

I have been passionately playing electric guitar for 33 years and have been an active member of the Faschingsverein in Hausham for 22 years. I was elected to the board of directors 10 years ago and we have around 500 members with a fanfare train and 3 active guards who also perform at weddings, birthdays and other celebrations throughout the year. The Elferratssitzung is especially popular, with up to 350 guests attending each event during normal times.

Do you have a favorite animal?

My favorite animal is the dog. My parents had dogs and so I grew up with them. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to have my own dog at the moment and my family and I would like to be able to be flexible for traveling. When I have more time, the children are a bit bigger and many travel goals have been fulfilled, then I would like to get my own dog.

Lisa Hessner
Lisa Hessner
Head of Real Estate Rental
Dipl. in Real Estate (DIA)
+49 89 340 823-45

How did you get into the real estate industry?
As a teenager I wanted to enter the hotel industry and see the world. A few internships later, I was smarter and knew I wasn't cut out for it. After half a year as an au-pair in Paris, I was interested in studying architecture. However, I soon realized that a pure desk job wasn’t for me and I wanted more diverse tasks.  I finally decided to pursue an apprenticeship as a real estate agent. In 2017 I transferred to Mr. Lodge and one year later I signed up for a part-time advanced training as a real estate manager. Mr. Lodge has been very supportive during this time. I am glad I made this choice and enjoy going to work.

What do you particularly like about Mr. Lodge?
The open-mindedness and people-centered approach.  I always feel that everyone is respected and welcome at Mr. Lodge. Whether it is a landlord, tenant or employee.

How would you describe your personal living style?
I currently live very urban in a small downtown apartment, so I keep the furniture rather simple yet modern with a few personal touches. I even have a self painted picture hanging in the apartment, for which I get the occasional compliment. I like it.

Any hobbies or hidden talents?
I started playing the guitar when I was seven and had 11 years of lessons. I like to play everything from classical to popular. In the past I even took part in some competitions, but in the last few years I have only had little time for it.

Which country would you like to visit?
I would like to travel to La Réunion, a very small French island in the Indian Ocean near Mauritius. I would love to see the diverse landscape with volcanoes, canyons, forests and the blue sea.

What do you like most in Munich?
Munich is a city with a pleasant size. Not as small as my home town, where you can never leave your house without running into someone you know, and yet not so big that people behave like total strangers. Here you even greet others on the street at times. I also enjoy the difference between the various districts.


Norbert Verbücheln
Norbert Verbücheln
CEO | Managing Director
+49 89 340 823-16

How long have you been active in the real estate industry / How did you first come to the real estate industry?
I have been working in real estate for over 30 years. Initially as a working student. As a student I worked in the real estate department of the former DG Bank and in two brokerage firms.
My enthusiasm for temporary housing led to the founding of a room-mate-agency back in 1989.

What do you particularly like about Mr. Lodge?
The team spirit with the employees and the daily new challenges. In addition, it is a place where diverse employees with different nationalities and international backgrounds come together.

What distinguishes Mr. Lodge for you?
The focus is on providing good service and the joy of dealing with people.

What do you particularly like about your profession?
The rich diversity of encountering people from very different backgrounds. To sense the joy and gratitude of our customers when they have found a nice home through us.

What profession would you have pursued if you had not become a broker?
A gardener and landscaper

Have you personally already made a property acquisition or sale?
Yes, but I keep it modest. If you are intensively involved in your job, you're glad to have some distance to the topic.

What would your dream estate look like?
A country estate surrounded by fields and meadows

What do you enjoy doing most outside your working hours?
Reading, cycling or taking walks

Dietmar Schlüter
Dietmar Schlüter
Deputy Managing Director Proxy | In-House Counsel
+49 89 340 823-21

How long have you been active in the real estate industry / How did you first come to the real estate industry?
For over 15 years now. Mr.Lodge was looking for long-term expertise in landlord consulting. My legal education, which I completed in Munich as an Assessor Jur., was a fitting match.

What do you particularly like about Mr. Lodge?
The good working atmosphere, the international staff, the combination of practical and legal enquiries in my daily work and also the relationship to our customers. In addition, I always experience Mr. Lodge as an innovative and at the same time down-to-earth agency; this mixture is exciting. And it is always great to observe how young colleagues in the company grow and thrive with their tasks.

What distinguishes Mr. Lodge for you?
Innovation, agility, customer closeness and an international working staff. Mr.Lodge is an authentic and in the best sense owner-managed company, with a corporate culture on a high level.

What do you particularly like about your profession?
Finding solutions for the questions of our customers. And of course the properties themselves: dealing with floor plans and finding solutions for the most efficient use of a property is always exciting.

What would your dream estate look like?
I have met it well where I live: really nice neighbours and beautiful gardens all around. The mountains and the ocean could be a bit closer.

What do you enjoy doing most outside your working hours?
Reading, hiking, getting together with friends and family. And listen to good music.

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Doris Palmiero

Doris Palmiero
Head of Real Estate Rental

+49 89 340 823-26

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Jacqueline Sauren

Jacqueline Sauren
Office Management Real Estate Sales

+49 89 340 823-542

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