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Questions about the rent

  • Price range
    The cost of renting a furnished apartment varies, depending on the size, location, and features of the property. You should expect the following range of prices.
    (Final prices: including all extra charges, as well as internet and electricity)
good quality equipmentexclusive equipment
Please keep in mind that some offers only allow a certain number of tenants
furnished 1- room apartments€ 950,- to € 1.200,-€ 1.200,- to € 1.700,-
furnished 2- room apartments€ 1.300,- to € 1.560,-€ 1.560,- to € 2.600,-
furnished 3- room apartments€ 1.800,- to € 2.300,-€ 2.300,- to € 5.000,-
furnished 4+ room apartments€ 2.600,- to € 3.600,-€ 2.800,- to € 6.000,-
furnished houses€ 2.300,- to € 3.000,-€ 3.000,- to € 8.000,-
    • All inclusive rent
      The rent advertised by Mr. Lodge usually includes all extra charges. The reason for this is simply that it's very difficult for a landlord to separate the various extra costs for a rental period of only 6-12 months (or even less). However, in some cases you will have to count on having to pay some extra costs separately, e.g. electricity, internet, cable TV, or an optionally rentable underground parking space.
    • Why does Mr. Lodge not offer a rental period of less than 6 months?
      The city of Munich regards a rental period of three to five months as wrongful use of living space, therefore all apartments and houses can only be rented for a period of six months or longer.

    How do I receive offers?

    • Registration for private customers
      You can resgister online conveniently. Please fill out the form in as much detail as possible. The desired rental period (from - to), maximum rent, telephone number, e-mail address, and full details of your employer are especially important in order for us to process your registration.
    • Registration for companies
      Companies can also register online or directly by phone at +49 89 3408230.
    • First offers
      Once you are registered with us, we will e-mail you accommodation offers matching your requirements. The offers include the postal address, and a detailed description of the accommodation.
    • Further offers
      You can receive further offers or more detailed information on request (by e-mail or phone). We will, of course, try to send you any new offers which may be of interest to you, as soon as they come in.
    • Look for new offers yourself
      You can see which offers are currently available on the "current offers" page, which is updated daily. If you see an interesting offer, simply add it to your wish list or send it to your personal customer advisor. 

    Questions about the offers
    • Rental period
      The stated rental period is binding. For example, if an apartment is offered from June 1st, it can't be rented before this date and not considerably later. By mutual agreement and as an exception, a rental period can be postponed up to 2 weeks. As a rule, this is possible for a minimum rental period of 6 months only. The rental period cannot be extended, if an end date is specified. If a variable rental period is indicated, minor deviations may be negotiated with the landlord.
    • Why does Mr. Lodge not offer a rental period of less than 6 months?
      The city of Munich regards a rental period of three to five months as wrongful use of living space, therefore all apartments and houses can only be rented for a period of six months or longer.
    • Number of tenants
      Landlords generally have a clear opinion of how many tenants can stay in their apartment - the furnishings set limits as well. Here is a guideline for the number of tenants:
      1-room apartment/studio: 1 person
      2-room apartment:            2 people or 1 couple
      3-room apartment:            3 people or 1 couple + 1 child

    Questions about the viewing
    • Online viewing
      You can view all our apartments online at any time. High-quality photos and videos of the apartments and the surrounding areas, as well as additional details are available for every property.
    • On-site viewing
      Should you wish to view an object on-site, please tell your costumer service advisor. If the apartment is still rented, an appointment will be arranged with the current tenant. If the apartment is already vacant, appointments are usually available on short notice.
      Please keep in mind that in most cases the apartment will be rented out to the first prospective tenant to make a binding statement. Therefore, we advise you not to arrange the appointments too late, so that your desired property will not be rented out in the meantime.

    Questions about the rental contract

    • Finalizing a rental contract
      The rental contract is made between the landlord and the tenant. In most cases Mr. Lodge will draw up the contract in consultation with the landlord and the tenant and forward the contract to both parties for signing.
    • Rental period
      If a fixed rental period is agreed upon, e.g. 6 months, then this is binding for both parties. For longer rental periods, you can end the tenancy with 3 months' notice to the end of the month. This is usually not suitable for most tenants. Therefore, we recommend that the contract includes a clause allowing the tenant to give one month's notice to the end of the month, after the first 6 months. Otherwise, we will try to find a new tenant, in consultation with the landlord and the tenant. Please discuss these details with us before you finalize a contract.
    • Premature termination of a contract
      "I signed a contract for a period of 1 year, because the landlord will need the apartment for himself (personal need). There is no cancellation period set in the contract. Can I withdraw from the contract?".
      No. You can only terminate the agreement by mutual consent. A contract should not be drafted with these conditions. We advise you to always include an option to withdraw, usually with 1 month's notice to the end of the month, after 6 months at the latest.

    Regarding the deposit
    • How much is the deposit?
      For apartments rented through us, the deposit is usually 2 months’ rent including the extra costs. The legal maximum deposit is 3 months’ rent (not including the extra costs).
    • How do I pay the deposit?
      Usually the landlord and the tenant try to find the simplest, most efficient method for them, since it is only a temporary rental and the tenant often wants to move in on the same day. Usually, the money is paid directly into the landlord's bank account. The landlord has to deposit it secure of insolvency and is obligated to show proof of that, on request. For longer rental periods (over 1 year) it is possible to put the deposit into a savings account - please refer to your bank - or place it as a bank guarantee. However the landlord will not always agree to a bank guarantee, as it makes getting compensation for damages at the end of the tenancy more difficult.
    • When will the deposit be returned?
      Usually, the deposit will be transferred to a bank account of your choice within 2-4 weeks of the return of the apartment. The transfer can be delayed, if there are damages to be taken care of, or if there are any outstanding bills. Legally, the landlord must return the deposit as soon as possible, if there are no outstanding bills or damage unaccounted for. It is important to us that your deposit is returned quickly and correctly. If you have any questions or problems, please contact your appointed member of our costumer service team immediately.

    Questions about liability
    • Mr. Lodge is only an agent and cannot be held liable for upholding the contract.
    • Liability/Deposit
      The tenant is liable for any damage caused by him-, or herself to the apartment or house and its furniture and equipment. The deposit serves as a security measure for the landlord's claims. If you think it is likely that you will have a difference of opinion with the landlord when you move out, please make sure that an employee of Mr. Lodge attends the handover appointment. We will take a neutral Position.
    • Household contents insurance
      If the landlord does not have a household contents insurance for the apartment, it is advisable to take one out. Please note that insurance companies will have many contractual exclusions of liability, which means that they will not pay compensation in many cases (see below).
    • Liability insurance
      If you cause damage to a third party, i.e. the owner of an apartment on a lower floor, a liability insurance is helpful.
    • Sources of danger in the apartment
      At the top of the list is anything dealing with water. If there is a washing machine in the apartment, it is extremely important to ensure that the stop-cock for the washing machine is turned off when the machine is not in use. No insurance company will pay compensation otherwise! An insurance company will also not pay compensation if you leave the apartment while the washing machine is in use. This also applies to dishwashers, although in practice it is very unusual for a dishwasher to cause flooding.
    • Open fires, candles etc.
      Unfortunately, we see damage caused especially by candles (burn marks, wax stains) time and again.
    • Water damage caused by open windows
      Be sure to shut all windows before leaving an apartment, to prevent water damage caused by rain.
    • Mold
      Unfortunately, time and again, insufficient or wrong ventilation, heating, or drying clothes can lead to the growth of mold. Be sure to keep the air humidity in the apartment at a low level. Please also take note of our brochure for tenants that you receive during the handover.