Responsibility of the tenant in case of key loss

Key loss can cause high extra costs for the tenant.

Key loss: What to do now?

  • When and where did you last see your key? Take a thorough look everywhere. If it is possible that the key fell out of your pocket, it is a good idea to retrace your steps.

Key got stolen: What to do now?

  • In case the key got stolen together with a document containing your address, immediate action is necessary! The lock should be replaced immediately!
  • If necessary, notify the police.
  • Notify your landlord and the building management of the key loss. The address on your ID makes it easy for the thief to find and enter your apartment.

The key is still missing: What to do now?

  • If a misuse of the key is possible, the lock should be replaced immediately.
  • If a misuse of the key is impossible, the lock does not need to be replaced. In this case it is sufficient to make a copy of the key.
  • Call the police or the lost-and-found office if anyone has returned your key.
  • Notify the landlord or the building management.
  • In case the landlord is not informed about the key loss, a partial deduction of the deposit at move-out is possible. If the landlord suspects a misuse of the key, the building's entire locking system may be replaced.
  • Please note, that the tenant must not make a copy of the key without the landlord´s approval.

The tenant can prevent such high costs by taking out a private liability insurance in advance.Please check if other keys and the replacement of entire locking systems is covered as well.

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