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Reasons for selling a property

From inheritance to relocation or separation - there are a number of life situations that make you think about what to do with your own house or apartment. If you do not wish to or cannot occupy the property yourself, the first question is whether to sell it or rent it out. The different circumstances require appropriate advice, preparation and support. Mr. Lodge has many years of expertise in the real estate market as a real estate agent. We are happy to provide you with advice and support throughout the entire process, always taking into account your personal wishes and basic conditions.


Personal circumstances

Living in one's own home often becomes a problem in old age or illness. Many apartments and houses are not suitable for old age or illness, or can only be remodeled accordingly at great expense. When the partner dies, the previous house or apartment becomes too large. Or the need for care arises that can no longer be managed at home. In these cases, too, the question arises of what to do with the property that is no longer needed - and the solution is often to sell it. This also involves ways of providing financial security for the seller's existence and old age, for example by agreeing an annuity instead of a one-off purchase price payment.



Germany is a country with a large number of heirs. Due to demographic change, there is a growing number of inheritance cases in this country, which are spread over an increasingly smaller number of people. In many cases, real estate also plays a major role: experts estimate that in the future, houses, land or apartments will be inherited in two out of three inheritance cases. This significantly increases the probability of inheriting real estate property. However, many inheritors already have their own house or apartment and do not need the inherited property for their own use, but at the same time shy away from the expense of renting it out. This often leads to a sale.


Generating Profits

Even though real estate investments are considered to be stable in value and are still recommended as a safe investment in view of the continuing low-interest situation: One motive for selling can of course also be to reap increases in value that have already been made. However, the following applies here: anyone who sells their property at a profit within ten years of acquisition must pay speculation tax. Exceptions: The property was used exclusively by the owner, in which case the time period is irrelevant. Or: The property was demonstrably last used by the owner without interruption in the year of the sale, in the entire previous year and also in the year before last. There are also a number of tax issues to be considered. The sale must therefore be well thought out and planned.


Change of job & location

Every year, around 4.8 million households in Germany, or more than ten percent of the population, move. The reasons are complex: a change of job, a new place of study, a partnership and starting a family, another stage in life - to name just the most important. Even though only a minority of those who move have lived in their own four walls before, for those who have, the question arises of what to do with the residential property they no longer need. Here, too, the sale is often preferred - especially if it is to be used to finance a property in the new place of residence. In this case, it is all about the right timing.


Family & professional upheavals

Unemployment, occupational disability, divorce or separation fundamentally change the financial situation and personal circumstances. A house then often becomes too big or can no longer be financed. Large sums of money are needed in the context of the property settlement or to secure the livelihood. The real estate property must then often be sold in order to be able to bear the subsequent financial burdens. In many cases, time is of the essence, so the sale must be completed as quickly as possible.


Economic predicament

Unfortunately, it is not at all uncommon that a property has to be given up due to financial problems. Often - but by no means exclusively - the aforementioned family and professional upheavals are responsible for this. However, some owners have overextended themselves financially or do not have solid financing. The (emergency) sale is then often the last resort to avoid private insolvency and to escape the foreclosure proceedings. In this case, the sale takes place under pressure and under unfavorable circumstances.


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