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Welcome to Munich

In order to feel comfortable in your new home and to find your way around in your new city, we have compiled a few valuable tips for you.

Registration in Munich

Newcomers to Munich must register with the registration office within 2 weeks of moving in. Here you can find information and helpful tips on how to register in Munich.

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Tips for avoiding mold and moisture damage

Apartments are particularly susceptible to moisture damage in the cold season. Not only can this be expensive, but it may also affect your health.

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Waste Disposal

In Germany, waste reduction is very important. In order to minimise household waste, rubbish must be divided. For this purpose, there are a 3 container system, bottle banks and special waste collection centres

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What to do in case of key loss?

Losing your keys as a tenant can prove to be rather expensive. We can provide you with some pointers in regards to what to do and when to do it.

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Cleaning tips for your furnished apartment

These tips will help you keep your apartment spotlessly clean and properly maintained during your stay.

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How to “Beer Garden” – 5 tips for newcomers

Cozy, inviting, hospitable: What would Munich be without its beer gardens? Find out here what you as a newcomer should know and which rules apply in beer gardens.

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Public transport in Munich – The MVV

Munich offers its residents an extensive public transport network with various means of transport. Here is an overview.

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