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Berg am Starnberger See - © Mr. Lodge GmbH
Berg am Starnberger See - © Mr. Lodge GmbH

Furnished Apartments in Berg am Starnberger See

Berg am Starnberger See

Berg am Starnberger See is located right on the lake, approx. 29 km southwest of Munich (city center). The community has approx. 8200 residents and became known as the birth place of the writer Oskar Maria Graf, who eternalized the region in his works. Lake Starnberg can be reached in a matter of minutes: The entire lake shore, but the island "Roseninsel" in particular, is a popular day trip destination. Both swimming in the summer and walks in the winter attract many visitors from the region. There are also many other typical Bavarian sights to marvel at. There are many preserved historic buildings, of which Berg Castle is possibly the most interesting: It has a large, park-like garden and still serves as the summer residence of the House of Wittelsbach. Not far from the castle, one can also find a monument to King Ludwig II, the most famous offspring of the family. In general, Berg offers a very serene environment. There are several houses and apartments for rent that are especially attractive for those who appreciate the quiet and proximity to nature. Despite the distance to Munich, you are well-connected to the metropolitan area. The access road to the motorway A95 provides a quick and easy connection to central Munich and long-distance destinations.


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