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Freising - © Mr. Lodge GmbH
Freising - © Mr. Lodge GmbH

Furnished Apartments in Freising


Freising is located approx. 41 km north of Munich (city center) and like Munich, it is situated on the river Isar. The large district town, with over 50,000 inhabitants, is considered a good to very good residential area for furnished apartments. Additionally, Freising is regarded as the youngest city in Bavaria in terms of the age of its inhabitants. Every type of home can be found here, from multi-story residential buildings to exclusive detached houses with gardens. The standard of living is enhanced by an abundance of picturesque facades, buildings, and alleyways. Here you can also find the famous Weihenstephan monastery, which, like many buildings in Freising, is a protected monument. Overall, it is a very quiet area that offers ample opportunities to unwind in the countryside. Freising station connects you to Munich and the surrounding area by suburban train line S1, while regional trains also make more distant towns accessible. Additionally, Freising is located near Munich Airport, offering connections to international destinations.


Very good shopping facilities, especially around the town center.


Lots of restaurants with local and international cuisine, cafés, bistros, Irish pub, and beer gardens


Sports grounds, open air swimming pool, indoor swimming pool, swimming lake, soccer, minigolf, tennis, Kegeln (traditional bowling), fitness trails, ice rink, cross country skiing, theater, museums, libraries, cinemas, and various other events and nightlife