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Zorneding is located approx. 22 km east of Munich (city center). The municipality in the administrative district of Ebersberg has approx. 9.000 residents. Its name derives from an old German word "zerren" (something like "to clear") and points to the original cleared settlement. Today, the towns core is marked by the church "St. Martin". This place offers several apartments and houses for rent and is very suitable for families and for people who prefer a quiet location. The woodland playground "Pöring" and "Eglhartinger Forst" are lovely recreation areas that are perfect for relaxing throughout the year. In comparison, there is a small industrial area located in the northwest which is home to various companies. Despite the quiet location and the distance to Munich, Zorneding is well-connected to the city center via suburban train lines S4 and S6 at station "Zorneding".


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Ebersberger Forst, bicycle tours, hiking paths, sports club, tennis club