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Living in the surroundings of Munich­


About Starnberg, Grünwald, Eching, Erding, Fürstenfeldbruck and more

The neighborhoods surrounding Bavaria’s capital Munich offer beautiful residential areas as well. In general the rent prices out here are more favorable and you live closer to nature. Munich´s surroundings have a diverse and often times unadulterated landscape, not found anywhere else in Germany. The lakes “Starnberger See” and “Ammersee”, the foothills of the Alps, and the protected areas in the north of the city are just a few popular destinations in the region. These small towns can charm you with their close-knit communities and more living space. A lot of families prefer these towns over an apartment in the city.

Despite the distance, the daily commute to the office in Munich is fast and efficient. The metropolitan area is characterized by an excellent connection to the suburban train network, establishing a link to the capital as well as to a number of other destinations.

Temporary rental in Erding

The beautifully renovated city center is the highlight of this charming district town in the northeast, famously known for its wheat beer. Another benefit is its quiet location despite being close to Munich’s airport.

Furnished Apartments at Lake Starnberg

Some of the most beautiful residential areas of Munich can be found at Lake Starnberg. Additionally, there are many leisure activities and destinations around the lake scenery to choose from.

Temporary rental in Eching

This neighborhood in the north largely preserved its historical town center and still offers some picturesque locations.

Furnished apartments in Fürstenfeldbruck

On the one hand, this large district along the river Amper impresses with a well-maintained historical architecture and quiet residential areas. On the other hand, it is home to many well-known companies.

Munich’s suburbs

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