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Erding - © Mr. Lodge GmbH
Erding - © Mr. Lodge GmbH

Furnished Apartments in Erding


Erding is located approx. 43 km northeast of Munich (city center) and offers several nice apartments for rent.

Erding (major district town) is a charming and very livable Bavarian small town. The town center was extensively renovated and redesigned to be pedestrian-friendly. The main shopping street is called the „Lange Zeile”, which can be translated with “long row”. Erding is home to many trade and repair businesses, local companies. The famous „Erdinger Weißbier“ is brewed here. Over the past 20 years, Erding’s proximity to the Munich airport has also contributed to the town’s thriving economy. The modern data center of the globally active travel company “Amadeus IT Group” makes Erding a destination for IT experts from all over the world. The military airport in Erding no longer serves as a site for regular military air traffic, but only for test flights in line with the maintenance and repair units stationed there. The airport is expected to close in 2019, when the remaining units of the German armed forces will have moved to Manching. The grounds of the airport will be converted into a new S-Bahn and regional train station, as well as some residential and commercial real estate.


A wide range of good shopping facilities.


Many cafés and good shops allow for relaxing strolls around town.


The thermal bath „Therme Erding“ is a particularly popular destination.