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The municipality of Geltendorf lies about 50 km west of Munich and is part of the district of Landsberg am Lech. The first archaeological finds from the area date back to around 2000 BC. With the opening of the railway line from Munich to Allgäu in 1873 the importance of the village increased and the picture changed from a purely agricultural village to a modern family community. Today, Geltendorf is known above all for Kaltenberg Castle and, of course, the Kaltenberg Knights' Tournament, a spectacle that attracts visitors from all over year after year.

Over 5,000 people now live in Geltendorf. The location northwest of Lake Ammersee promises tranquillity and a beautiful green environment. The town offers kindergartens and a primary school, as well as several shopping facilities and a gymnastics and sports club. Munich can be easily reached by S-Bahn S4, the city center is about 45 minutes away. By car you also have quick access to the A96 motorway. Did you not find a suitable offer here? Similarly beautiful apartments and houses can also be found in Inning am Ammersee, Eching am Ammersee and Fürstenfeldbruck.

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