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Gröbenzell is located approx. 20 km northwest of Munich (city center) and has approx. 19,000 residents. The name of this town derives from a customs station when passing Gröbenbach. This village is a so-called garden town which means that it has large green spaces. Gröbenzell is located in the middle of a agriculture area and is surrounded by numerous small lakes. Nearby located recreation areas are in short walking distances. Gröbenzell also has a small industrial area with various companies. Despite its picturesque location and distance to Munich, Gröbenzell is well-connected to the public transport which is especially convenient for residents who have to commute daily. The suburban train line S3 ensures a convenient and quick journey to the city center and other destinations.

  • Transport

    Suburban train, bus, motoways A8, A99, B2 and B471

  • Shopping

    A wide variety of shopping facilities

  • Gastronomy

    Numerous restaurants and cafés

  • Leisure

    Beach volleyball, library, local museum, concerts, cultural events