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Haar - © Mr. Lodge GmbH
Haar - © Mr. Lodge GmbH

Furnished Apartments in Haar


Haar is located approx. 13 km east of Munich (city center) and has several very nice properties with rental apartments. Due to the relatively slow development of residential buildings, Haar has preserved much of its original appearance. Around the renovated old town center, one will mostly find terraced and semidetached houses with large yards. However, there are also a few small apartment buildings, for example in the housing estate "Am Jagdfeld". This complex gives the suburb a more urban look: it includes several high-rise buildings, restaurants, and stores, as well as a man-made lake and a beautiful park. Eglfing, north of the suburban train lines, is home to the sprawling grounds of the Haar district hospital, which is located in a very nice Art Noveau building, which, among other things, also houses a theater. Haar is connected to public transport by the station of the suburban train line S4, which allows for a quick and easy connection to the city center and the outskirts.


Many, mainly small, shops


Several restaurants and cafés


Swimming pool, sports grounds and park, rural surroundings