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Furnished apartments in Haimhausen

Living in Haimhausen

Haimhausen is with approx. 5700 inhabitants the easternmost community in the district of Dachau and is located on the Amper river.

To the center (Marienplatz) To the central station To the airport
33,4 km 32,9 km 37,4 km

The community of Haimhausen is close to the freeways A 9 and A 92 and is connected to Pfaffenhofen and Munich via the B 13. To the east and southeast, the state and regional roads lead into the district of Dachau. Access to the MVV suburban trains is available in Eching and Unterschleissheim.

The Ampertal valley, in which Haimhausen is located, is one of the oldest settlements in Bavaria. The landscape surrounding Haimhausen has much to offer: water springs, flowing and still waters, moor and moss areas, deciduous and coniferous forests. Thus the region is a paradise for hiking tours.

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