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Herrsching - © Mr. Lodge GmbH
Herrsching - © Mr. Lodge GmbH

Furnished Apartments in Herrsching


Herrsching is located approx. 40 km southwest of Munich (city center). This idyllic spot by Lake Ammersee was already populated in Celtic and Roman times. Most of the inhabitants lived on fishing and farming. After railway construction led to a spike in population, trade and handicraft started to grow, as well. Today, Herrsching, with its approximately 8,500 inhabitants, is a popular destination for day trips and vacation. Though not as well-known, Ammersee offers numerous beaches that are often more easily accessible than those of the better-known Lake Starnberg. This is why it attracts many visitors from the Munich area, especially in the summer. Another attraction is the picturesque Andechs Monastery, which can be reached from Herrsching via numerous hiking trails, and which rewards visitors with a wonderful view and a cozy beer garden. Its residential areas mainly consist of detached and terraced houses. However, one can also find some multi-story apartment buildings around the town center. Hence, the town offers a multitude of opportunities for apartment rental. The suburban train S8, which usually runs every 20 minutes, connects Herrsching to Munich's city center and the other outskirts. The quiet setting surrounded by nature and near the picturesque Ammersee, combined with the good connection to central Munich, make Herrsching one of the most attractive locations in the Munich area.


Shops for convenience goods and many smaller stores, e.g. arts and crafts


Many cafés, restaurants, bars, and bistros


Lakeside promenade, swimming areas, library, landmarks (e.g. archaeological park, spa gardens castle, baroque church St. Martin)