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Sauerlach - © Mr. Lodge GmbH
Sauerlach - © Mr. Lodge GmbH

Furnished Apartments in Sauerlach


Sauerlach is located approx. 21 km south of Munich (city center) and has over 8,000 residents. Since the regional reform in 1978, Sauerlach has been the largest municipality in the district of Munich in terms of area. The town was first mentioned in 800 AC and gained importance due to its location at the Roman salt road. Today, it impresses with its relatively cheap residential area for rental apartments which can be very convenient for families. The living atmosphere in Sauerlach is very quiet: Deisenhofer Forst and Hofoldinger Forst are very lovely recreation area within short distance. Sauerlach is well-connected to the access road to motorway A995 and A8 and thus, Munich and its wider region are easily to be reached. Furthermore, the S-Bahn line S3 provides the connection to the public transport and thus, to Munich´s city center.


Numerous shops for daily necessities, as well as service businesses


Several restaurants


Bike tours, hiking trails, local museum, regional events