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Seefeld - © Mr. Lodge GmbH
Seefeld - © Mr. Lodge GmbH

Furnished Apartments in Seefeld


Seefeld is located approx. 36 km southwest of Munich (city center). The community in the administrative district of Starnberg has roughly 7000 residents. Seefeld is picturesquely situated at the banks of lake Pilsensee and approx. 14 km west of Starnberg. In this quiet location there are apartments for rent that are especially suited for families and those, who appreciate both - lots of peace and a good cennection to the metropolis Munich. The next recreation area is not far away: Lake Pilsensee is perfect for sunbathing in the summer and long strolls throughout the year. The popular Lake Starnberg is also not far way. This place is characterized by several listed buildings which contribute to the historic charm of Seefeld. Famous sight are the old town hall and the church "St. Peter and Paul Kirche". Castle "Seefeld" is still prevailing from which the earls of Toerring ruled over Seefeld. Today, one can admire the baroque architecture and the view that reaches up to the Alps. The connection between Munich and Seefeld is provided by suburban train line S8 at "Seefeld-Hechendorf".


Shops for your daily needs, numerous smaller shops, farmer's market


Several restaurants and cafés


Lakes, sailing club, motorcycle club, athletic clubs