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Schäftlarn - © Mr. Lodge GmbH
Schäftlarn - © Mr. Lodge GmbH

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Living in Schäftlarn

Schäftlarn is located approx. 20km west of Munich. The history of the villages dates back to the year 762 A.D. when the Benediktiner monastery was founded, making Schäftlarn older than the bavarian capital.

To the center (Marienplatz) To the central station To the airport
19,9 km 19,4 km 61,8 km

After an administrative reform the village became a independent municipality in 1818 and received its current name. The village has a varied offer of recreational and athletic activities and the nearby idyllic valley of the Isar with its two beergradens also attracts many visitors. Via bus and S-Bahn Schäftlarn maintains a good connection to Munich and the metropolitan area. Its proximity to the B11 is especially convenient for drivers.

Schäftlarn impresses with wonderful monuments, such as the monastery church in the rokoko-style and the church St.Georg. The center of Schäftlarn still has its traditional charme with its beautiful farms, but it also features modern single or two family houses, many of them for rent. Are you still searching? There are more beautiful rental apartments and other suitable offers in the surrounding communities of Icking and Baierbrunn.

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