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Parkstadt Solln - © Mr. Lodge GmbH
Parkstadt Solln - © Mr. Lodge GmbH

Furnished Apartments in Munich-Parkstadt Solln

Parkstadt Solln

In the late 1960s, Parkstadt Solln, a large residential complex with high-rise buildings, was built in southern Munich. Parkstadt Solln encompasses approx. 400 hectares and directly borders on Alt-Solln in the west. The apartments in these buildings have mostly been converted into rental and owner-occupied apartments, which now offer many opportunities for apartment rental. The area profits from its proximity to the posh quarter Alt-Solln and the sensitive landscape architecture, which creates a seamless aesthetic transition between the two quarters. Just like other "Parkstadt" estates, Parkstadt Solln offers many smaller green spaces, which greatly increase the quality of living. Another big advantage of this district is its relative proximity to the banks of the river Isar, which can be reached on foot in just 10 minutes at the bridge Großhesseloher Brücke and are ideal for barbecuing and bathing in the summer. Generally speaking, the location is very tranquil and well-connected to the city center. A handful of bus stops surrounding the quarter ensure access to public transport and connect you to the nearest underground and suburban train stations. The closest underground station can be found on Forstenrieder Allee, while the suburban train can be reached at the station Großhesselohe Isartalbahnhof.


Shops for convenience goods


Several cafés and restaurants


Indoor swimming pool, sports grounds, park