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Großhadern - © Mr. Lodge GmbH
Großhadern - © Mr. Lodge GmbH

Furnished Apartments in Munich-Großhadern


This area is famous for its gigantic hospital complex, with more than 14 clinics. Amongst others, it houses the university hospital, where many medical students are being trained. The biology and chemistry building of the university is also located nearby. Aside from this, you will find almost exclusively upscale residential buildings, mostly detached houses, but also some charmingly renovated farm houses from the 19th century, all of which offer great options for apartment rental in Munich. The old town center is also still there and impresses with its traditional rural flair and the beautiful, well-preserved village church of St. Peter. Großhadern also has a small theater, the Heiglhoftheater, which is located in a students' dormitory, as well as an art gallery. One of Großhadern's biggest advantages as a residential area is the quiet location and the good connection to the city center via underground line U6. The immediate proximity to nature also makes this quarter very attractive: The green spaces in the southwest offer the opportunity to unwind and momentarily forget that you're in one of the largest cities in Germany.

  • Parking

    Quite easy to find

  • Shopping

    Shops for convenience goods and several small stores

  • Gastronomy

    Several restaurants and cafés

  • Leisure

    Several sports grounds