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Furnished Apartments in Feldkirchen


Feldkirchen is located approx. 13 km east of Munich (city center) and offers many furnished apartments in a quiet setting. The community of Feldkirchen can look back on a long history, stretching all the way back to Roman times. Presently there are approximately 5,000 inhabitants. Feldkirchen was located in the immediate vicinity of the former airport Munich-Riem, until it was relocated to Erdinger Moos. Ever since this move and the conversion of the former airport grounds into "Messestadt Riem", the living quality in Feldkirchen has been improving continuously. The original, independent village-like flair has not been destroyed by the relocation of the airport and the building of the new Trade Fair with residential and industrial complexes. Thus, you will still find mainly detached and terraced houses as properties for temporary rental in this district. In recent years however, the village-like structure has increasingly adapted to Munich, especially due to the good connections, making the district a suburb in the original sense. Despite this good connection to Munich, Feldkirchen is surrounded by nature, with numerous recreation areas and picturesque settings. For example, the lake Heimstettener See is ideal for swimming and relaxing in the summer. Munich's city center can be reached quickly and comfortably via the suburban train line S2 or the motorway A94.

  • Parking

    Easy to find

  • Shopping

    Shops for convenience goods and a few small shops

  • Gastronomy

    A few restaurants, a café, and a bistro

  • Leisure

    Library, sports grounds, Heimstettener Lake